The Help Movie

The Help Movie

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Highly Recommend ! Read the book, then watched the movie. I highly recommend both! The acting is superb! Love the historical aspect , the drama, and the comedy!

The Help Movie is a good watch (and read). Totally watchable more than once.

Very interesting movie, and eyeopener Definitely recommend it, my best part was the one of the piece of pie.

Help,The I've heard good things about this movie saw clips on youtube but not the whole thing definitely on my wish list it sounds like it would be great for fans of tyler perry

Right place right time Filled with realistic problems you can relate to spot on acting with heart and compassion intelligent Octavia Spencer is great in anything she does love her work if you liked last holiday and Ray you'll love this

Great Movie! I absolutely LOVED this movie. I always like movies that portray some reality about what's going on or went on. I'm pretty sure this was lighter than the truth of it though. Things were much worse in most areas. It had some just desserts in it too. I actually think I'm going to watch this again soon.

World's Best Movie! BEST MOVIE EVER. I won't spoil anything but the best part of the whole movie is when Ms Minnie gives that wicked lady (****) 2 slices of her pie and says _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. If you haven't seen the hekp yet, you're missing out!

Its a good movie. I would not mind watching it again. It has some history and kind of an eyeopener

Amazing movie! A must watch! I LOVE this movie! It is heartbreaking, hilarious, and it makes you evaluate your interactions with others. It is nto completely 100 like the book, but truly a fantastic film.

Wonderful This movie is probably one of my favorites, it's story line is just amazing and the actresses are wonderful; I would definitely recommend watching this not only is it about how people treated the help but it's also about not giving up and being the best you. I think everyone should watch this at least once in your life.

Great movie! Good representation of the era and great to watch with teens. The movie is equally as good as the book!

This is a great movie and a great plot being told.This movie made me cry,laugh and just feel so many emotions.Its a movie that sticks with you.

Great Movie and Great Story Great movie! This movie can be watched over and over again and you will still find it interesting and entertaining. Tells a lot about history and race still played a part then and even now. But they rose above it and it should be so much better now. All the characters were wonderful in this movie. I still need to read the book.

I thought this book was a look inside how things actually were in that time. Everything the movie airs on TV I just have to watch it again.

Must See Excellent movie! It gives our generation an insight inti the past. If we do not kbow our history we are bound to repeat it.