Diva Cup Model 2

Diva Cup Model 2

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OMG I will never go back to pads or tampons after using a cup. SOOO much cleaner-feeling, comfortable, no more dryness or irritation, no chemical plastics and bleaches near my most delicate parts, no more remembering to buy feminine products at the store, and the best part is I don't have to sleep in granny panties anymore! You might think it is "weird" or "gross" to use a cup but think about how gross those used pads and tampons are, sitting in a landfill. Eeew. Try it, trust me, there is nothing weird or gross about taking good care of yourself and the planet!!!

Must buy I love these cups they are comfortable they have also reduced my cramping since using them you don't feel with why wearing they do not stretch you out they like form against your vaginal wall but once you get use to this product it's a breeze every month

Best option to date CW - Personal details of intimate nature. This is a very blunt and honest review of this product in hopes of helping others. I bought my DivaCup model 2 after some extensive research. I have had a hemorrhaging problem since I started my period 28 years ago, maxing out at approx 120ml on the average "heavy" day. I only switched to tampons in my 20s because of my work conditions and the availability of Tampax's Ultra Pearl tampon. Still, after having my daughter my cycle changed again and my flow became erratic. Tampons came at the risk of either severe leakage or sticking due to sudden lack of flow. So I took a chance. I love my DivaCup. I did break down and bought a second one so I can keep a spare on me for days when I know I absolutely will not have access to a private bathroom between changes. (Several reasons there, not limited to suddenly losing sensation in my hands, and allergies to ingredients in most of the wipes you can use with menstrual cups in place of washing them.) There are times it leaks, but that comes down to my hemorrhaging problem which can exceed the very large capacity of the cup and my anatomy. (Careful of lower body or full body stretches if you have a particularly strong pelvic floor muscle and are on a heavy flow or clotting day.) The top line reads 15 but you can get approx 30 ml of fluid in the cup before it leaks. If it exceeds the top line you risk some leakage and it can be messy to remove, you can find how to remove it with minimal spill with usage and time. But honestly, I find fingers are easier to clean up than thighs and clothing so it's an acceptable trade-off. With every feminine product comes risks of some sort. I recommend you do your own research and weigh the pros, cons, and options. There are a lot of amazing YouTube video reviews on the different cups out there.

Worry free period This cup has been a real game changer. You can actually go out for the entire day without thinking about your period once. I did have to trim down the stem. I did buy the extra cleaner with this product.

Never going back! Absolutely amazing, a little hard to put in not gonna lie but once you get the hang of it you can save thousands of dollars, these things last forever and I mean forever. It is so easy to clean and store!!

Love the Diva Cup I love my Diva Cup. I have tried a few different types of cups which were too flexible so it would not seal properly. The diva cup is easy to insert and remove. It is also leak free. I had friends say that the Diva cup was horrible but instead I tried it anyways and this is all I use now.

Never going back to tampons! I love my Diva Cup! I actually still use the Model 1, even though I have had children. The Model 2 is recommended for those who have given birth, but I've found the Model 1 is still a great fit for me. I never have leaks (I always had leaks with tampons), and I like that I don't need to worry about the possibility of TSS. I would recommend the Diva Cup to anyone but would say give it 3 cycles before deciding it isn't for you. Inserting/removing the cup is easy once you get the hang of it. I'm never going back to tampons.

Diva cup all the way. I love this product. It was a little hard to get used to at first but after a couple of trys getting it in, it works very good. A little messy getting the full cup out, but I will keep using it. The feel of having it inside me reminds me of when I used a diaphragm to keep from getting pregnant before I switched to the pill for birth control.

I spent a lot of time looking into menstrual cups before making the switch because the idea was real confusing (mostly I was looking at the discs too which looks WAY bigger). I finally made the switch last month to the model 1, after reading all the reviews and watching videos that all said there was gonna be a learning curve and you have to get the hang of it, I was not expecting it to be as easy as it was. Was comfortable, couldn't even feel it and it DID NOT LEAK ONCE. Love it. I never liked pads because it feels like a diaper and tampons dry everything out and makes it painful so the idea of a reusable product with no weird chemicals in it sounded perfect. I've only used the diva cup one month so far but I doubt I'll ever go back to pads/tampons.

Great Alternative! Used Model 1. Never going back to tampons. Its an amazing product if your looking for an alternative for your tampons. Yes it is a little hard to get the hang of putting it in and taking it out. But once you get the hang out it, its amazing!

Wow I have been using my diva cup since 2013. I really enjoy it for camping and hiking its just alot easier to deal with than tampons and pads.I have a very heavy period and have to chang it about every 4 hours as apposed to every hour with a super tampon.It can be a bit messy to remove so I suggest having wet wipes or a water bottle if you are using it in a public bathroom.I do this so I dont have to wash it in the sink infront of everyone.it did taje me 4 or five cycles to figure it out and have it stay leak proof. I will definatley repurchase this menstrual cup when mine wears out

LOVE LOVE LOVE MY DIVA CUP I researched a lot before trying the diva cup I had lots of people say it was hard to get the hang of others say it leaked I've been amazed at how easy it was for me I had no leaks it was easy to insert easy to clean no having to change it 10 times a day I would definitely recommended it to anyone wanting to try

Let's be real... The Diva Cup is life changing! My first cycle using it was a learning experience, but it didn't take long to get the hang of it. I will never use a tampon or pad again. This has simplified my life.

I absolutely love this cup. I have completely stopped using tampons. It takes practice to get the hang of using a cup but once you fully transition you will love it. Insertion is easy and it forms to each individual. I recommend changing it in the shower to prevent any mess. Very comfortable and a noticeable decrease in cramping.

On the fence? Don't be! I just started using the diva cup and was very intimidated at first. It was incredibly easy to insert and remove. I didn't leak at all, even on my heaviest days. I typically wear super tampons and almost always leak over night, but not so with the diva cup. I only changed it twice a day (morning and night) and didn't notice it at all. I love this thing!