Hershey 's Candy Cane Kisses

Hershey 's Candy Cane Kisses

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Not a fan, but then I don't like mint anyway.

Way too sweet. I bought them to make candy cane blossoms during Christmas and although the cookies came out pretty good they were a bit too sweet for me. Will not make again or buy these again. Not a good kiss.

These are not my favorite kisses. They're just ok in my book

Call me a purist, but I love the originals much much better!

Good taste

My 7 year old son loves these. I don't really favor these

I actually do not like peppermint much at all but Hershey's took a perfect blend of peppermint pieces with white chocolate. I think they are a hit for the Holidays.

I dont really enjoy peppermint with chocolate. I am neutral with this product.

These are my favorite candy for the season... They are just sweet enough and have just enough peppermint to balance itself out! I look forward to pigging out on them without the guilt of chomping an entire candy bar!

I really like these. I too am not a huge fan of white chocolate, but when combined with peppermint it is amazing! These are just the right size for a tiny treat!

I love the peppermint flavor in these little kisses.

These are great for making the blossom type cookies at Christmas,use these with sugar cookies.

So good, even better when they are cold.

These are pretty good. Mint and chocolate go together very well!