OPI Nail Lacquer

OPI Nail Lacquer

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I can't believe there isn't a review for this brand of nail polish yet! In my opinion it's THE NUMBER ONE, BEST NAIL polish! I know people have different opinions on the best nail polish brand but my heart belongs to OPI. The colors are so pretty and unique. You can get really cool ones for every season they are always coming out with new ranges. They also last much longer than other nail polish brands I've used. I even had a manicure with a dark color and it lasted an entire week, the pedicure was still perfect after 2.5. And I type every day and text all the time! I kept thinking I would look down and see chips but none! Also, they have a big brush which makes it so easy to paint your nails. You only need three strokes per nail. It goes on smooth and looks so pretty. I'd reccommend buying them with a like buy one get one half off deal or something like that (Ulta has these every once and a while) because they're the priciest nail polishes. Definitely worth it though!

OPI is by far the best nail polish out there. My favorites are "you don't know jacque", "Im not a waitress" and "over the taupe"!!!

I got a pedicure almost a month ago with the color "dim sum plum" and I love it! The polish hasn't chipped at all and it's really shiny. The polish goes on smooth and gives great coverage. The only thing I don't like is the prices. I think it's about $8 a bottle at beauty brands.

Great color selection. The longest lasting polish brand I have tried to date. Always a satisfied customer.

Currently wearing my OPI red nail polish on my toes. I agree with Emilycoo that this is by far the best nail polish. I love the colors they offer (love that they offer matte finished colors) becuase I'm not crazy about the glossy colors. The polish lasts so long on your nails. I highly recommend this brand!

Opi is my favorite brand in nail polish! I enjoy the colors they have to offer, and it seems that this brand of nail polish stays on my nails longer!

One of the only brands of polish that I will use. LOVE their color selections.

this is the BEST nail polish i have EVER tried! the variety of colors they have is amazing! the names of the polishes are very creative and i love buying new ones and adding them to my collection. although they are a bit pricey, i still think they are worth every penny. they stay on for a while and dont chip easily. if you've never tried OPI, i suggest you drop what your doing and go pick up a bottle.


OPI is the BEST nail polish! When I get my manicure it's the only brand I pick. They have the Best colors and it lasts longer then other brands!! Great product 5stars for sure!!

My go to nail polish. If I ever am in need of a color I always go to their selections first. I usually only have to use 2 coats and am good to go and if someone pays a compliment on my nail polish, it is a good bet it is OPI. They may be a bit more pricey than the regular drug store buys, but considering they are longer lasting on both your nails and the bottle, to me they are definitely worth the price.

So many colors to choose from. Updated collections each season.This polish stays on so well with each manicure and pedicure. No chipping ever. Especially love "Not Really a Waitress", "An Affair in Red Square" ,"Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous" and "Suzy Takes the Wheel".

I love OPI polish! They have the longest lasting LAQUER and the best brush for application! The color lasts longer then any other brand. The color selection is by far better then other polish companies. The new collections they come out with are always a step above other polishes.

I love there nail polishes! Their color selection is amazing!! I love there Shatter nail polishes also.

this the best polish ever! i can not wear anything on my nails like wraps or acrylics. when i get opi polish on my nails at the salon, it lasts at least a week with minimal chipping and flaking off.