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OPI Nail Lacquer

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I just got "rainbow connection" from the OPI muppet's holiday 2011 collection. I had been waiting for the muppet's polish for months now and have mixed feelings about the end result. The numerous different colors of glitter are all mixed up in a clear polish base, which looks way cool in the bottle. My issue was not with the mixture of colors, rather the big sized pieces of glitter that seemed to chip off very easily. The smaller glitter seemed to adhere better than the large. Also, since the base of the polish is clear, it might have look better with a solid color undercoat of polish. I used two coats without a solid color undercoat and you could still see much of my natural nail through the polish. I love OPI and will always recommend it as the best polish around... Rainbow Connection seems like a high maintance manicure that, while it breaks my heart to say, I don't recommend.

I've heard wonderful things about OPI and when I occasionally go to the nail salon the polishes last quite some time. However last year I bought the OPI shattered in black and I loved it...at first. After only a couple of uses the whole bottle completely dried up =( (no I didnt leave the nail polish out in the open). I was very disappointed in that product and with a price tag that is quite high compared to other decent polishes I don't believe I will go out of my way to buy this brand.

I love this product. The colors are amazing an this helps with the shine!

Too expensive.Lasted 2 days the most.Wouldn't try again.

This brand nail Polish has never been my number one I find the colors they say are not actually an end result color.

Cute polishes, steep prices.... depending on where you shop. Overall good product though.

just bought a new OPI - "brights power" and i must say it's the first color i didn't like and will return. OPI stays on and doesn't chip easily, especially if you use their top coat, but this color went on unevenly. it took three coats and on some fingers 4 coats to get it to look uniform. i typically put two coats on but i can't do three or four!

After hearing about OPI constantly I went to the salon in my local Walmart to pick up a few and while the colors look absolutely amazing in the bottle, they fall a bit short on the nail. My other problem with them is their brush! It is way too wide, I mean I have other nail polishes with wide brushes and I don't have a problem with them, but I have a problem with the brush in the OPI polishes. Its just too wide and way too many bristles. The polish winds up getting EVERYWHERE.

I like opi polish, they are a bit on the pricy side $9.00 a bottle. I don't buy them that often however I do love the colors. I actually have thier glitter polish i forgot the name but it's pretty!

OPI chips off just like any other polish. Save your $$ and get a cheaper brand.

Price wise i hate it. But they have really great colors.

They have some cute colors. However it still chip off like any other brand.

Of the OPI nail polishes I have tired, I love them. They have great color payoff and great staying power. My only complaint about them is the price.

I live opi. With them I usually only need one coat but honestly ever color varies especially of its a light one. I love them !

I just got a Nordic Collection OPI Skating on Thin Iceland nail polish at Ulta store. The color is perfect and look amazing on. I love this nail polish. However, it does not last as long as I expected. The first day I put it on it started chipping and the third day it was almost halfway off.