Dove Ultimate go fresh Body Mist

Dove Ultimate go fresh Body Mist

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I have not tried these yet but really want to.I am using their deodorant pomagrant and something else i would like to try the spray to go with it. My friend likes them she get them to match her deodorant all the time.

I have not received my product for review yet? When are they coming?

I did not recieve the body mist in my delivery

the deodorant doesnt work and the spray smells cheap. horrible.

Body spray is way to strong and does smell quite cheap i could find better at the local dollar tree..sorry but its the truth..the deodorant works but not as well as they claim it does..lets put it this dont go for a jog or a work out with this ladies..if you are just using it for church were your not going to sweat it will be fine...or woud be perfect for a tween

I have been liking dove products lately, I do not care for the smell of this one.

Oh my gosh, I almost bought the deodorant online and I'm so glad I didn't. I went to the store and picked it up first and it smelled awful! I thought the pomegranate scent seemed so intriguing but was greatly disappointed.

I dislike this deodorant. I don't use any of these "cheap" deodorants. They cause my armpit to get this wierd film and even after washing it, its still there! The worse part is how it gets into my pores and follicles, thus causing me to get infections (I had to go to the doctor to get it drained once) and those evil inflamed hair follicles after waxing, which only certain deodorants (like this one) do to me after waxing.

Love the smell of this deodorant, but I am allergic to it :(

At first going on this smells great, but once it starts to work the smell is awful. I stick to unscented deoderant, and it works well.

I must say that I have never tried these dove products. I do buy dove deodrant just not that one. I would love to try these .

After a while the smell goes away like not even an hour and especially if you play sports. Not very beneficial at all plus the own deodorant dries out so its like a brick afterwards. I tend to stick to the liquid deodorant.

The GoFresh Deodorant did not do the job for my tween and me. The wetness protection was just fine but the odor protection wasn't up to par. I also found the product to be dry and hard. My daughter enjoyed the body spray! She felt like she was wearing perfume. I prefer the Suave or Dove ultimate (non go fresh) more. I generally love Dove products, but GoFresh deo is not a do-over for us.

I have read a lot of the comments and am starting to get a complex. The Dove deodorant and mist smell fabulous and worked well for my tween daughter but not for me. It does not keep me dry and quist on me by late afternoon. I have used it a few times, trying to give the product a fair chance but it is definitely not for me. I used it once at they gym and I smelled by the time I left. I won't be buying or recommending this product to people.

The scent doesn't last as long as one would hope, but other than that, a dependable deodorant.