Ben and Jerry's  Peanut Brittle Ice Cream

Ben and Jerry's Peanut Brittle Ice Cream

              Rated #4 in Frozen Foods
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98% Recommended
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This just sounds like it is too much sweet. I couldn't try it. I know it isn't fair to rate without tasting but the entire conception of this product just leaves me baffled.

I love ben and Jerry's ice cream and we buy it constantly. We jjust didn't care for this flavor. . any other flavor and it would of gotten 5 stars!! Low stars due to flavor only~

I love all Ben and Jerry's ice creams, the peanut brittle is a new favorite flavor for me and my family. Only downfall... They don't come in a larger size and I can eat the whole thing!

I do my best to lay off of sweets, but I may try this sounds good!

I love Ben & Jerry's ice cream, they never disappoint. This one is good but Chunky Monkey is the best!

I am not crazy over peanuts and peanut brittle, other than the peanut butter in Reeses cups. My daughter is crazy over this. She loves it.

Yum! Can't go wrong with Ben & Jerry ice cream

I think it's delicious!

We love Ben & Jerry's ice cream and this is one of my favorites. It really tastes like peanut brittle, just a lot easier on the teeth.

all the reviews make me want to go out and get some of this ice cream. Unfortunately, my daughter has peanut allergies and bringing this home would be a no- no. But really really good reviews! :)

Love Ben and Jerrys Peanut Butter anything ice cream. Only purchase when on sale, but they use quality ingredients.

indulgent but pricy - worth it if you have the spare money!

it was one of the most delicious flavors i ever tried.

I am not usually a "peanut butter person", but I like this a lot!!:-)

Love love love it