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Delicious Fall Food Inspiration & Prizes to Win

on Oct 10, 2012: I love the sauce pan/frying pan. I use mine for everything frying steaming and everything comes out delish. They're long lasting as well the one in my house has been being used for years!!!!.

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Is There a Shelf Life on Nail polish?

on Sep 15, 2012: Thanks for these tips, because I'm a polish junkie I'm always buying a bottle when I see one lol. I'll use these tips!

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Victoria's Secret vs. Dove: Ad Campaign Photos Ignite Body Image Debate

on Sep 14, 2012: I've seen the dove campagin before and turly I love it!. I'm a plus size women, so It's relateable for me to see women like that. However I am not aganist thinner women, nore the vic secret campagin