Dr Brown's  by Handicraft Natural Flow BPA free Baby Bottles

Dr Brown's by Handicraft Natural Flow BPA free Baby Bottles

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Our first babe used these so well we decided to try them with our twins. Nearly 9 months later we are still only using these bottles. All three of our kiddos are so different with their feeding preferences but these bottles worked great for them all!

Best baby bottles in the market These have changed my life! I would never use another bottle brand again!!! It can be a pain to clean so make sure you have the right brushes. But worth the money!!!

Highly recommended My son would projectile vomit every feeding until I used these bottles, they were a life savor and they helped a lot with his gass!

Amazing bottles I love these bottles they are a miracle worker even slowed her drinking down

Great bottles, many pieces though! However, I would rather wash a bunch of pieces than have a gassy baby!

Best Bottle! These are the best bottles on the market. It keeps the bubbles out so you don't have to worry about reflux. Also controls how fast the formula comes out so your child doesnt choke,

These bottles are great! My daughter is exclusively breast fed, so I was worried about finding a bottle that wouldn't cause nipple confusion. I tried these bottles and was very satisfied. The nipple on the bottle worked well for latching, the flow wasn't too fast and they inner straw made burping much easier. The price is a little high, but overall a fed baby is a happy baby

This bottle was recommended to me by my pediatrician since my newborn had bad gas. She would turn extremely red and strain from the gas, she looked like she was in a lot of pain. Since I started to use these bottles I have a much happier baby and she doesn't look like she's in pain anymore.

Like!! I like these bottles because for one they are versatile and for two you can properly make a full oz bottle with them unlike most others that do not leave enough room for the formula once the water is inside.

Dr.Browns bottles are really good. It helps babies that are colic babies. My son doesnt get gassy with these botles that what i like. These bottle dont spill and last a long time. Yes it is alittle hard to clean them and it takes time but overall it good bottles.

These bottles were an absolute blessing for me. I have been a single mom since day 1 with my son and he had severe colic from birth to 4 months. I wasn't sure I would survive it but these bottles definitely helped. They truly, honestly male a difference. I was using different bottles at first and switched to these after research and it was a fantastic decision. I will say this, they are a pain to clean because there are multiple pieces with several crevices but it's worth it to help soothe your baby. Also, they leak if you lay it down. They leak through the nipple. So just be careful. I loved them and still use them for my son.

The Dr.Brown natural flow bottles are life savers! My son was having terrible stomach issues, I had him on sensitive formula and gave him has drops constantly! As soon as I switched to these bottles his stomach issues ended. The different components of this bottle prevent air from getting in the formula. They are truly amazing! I recommend them to every mom out there.

Unique straw system These are great bottles. My daughter got some for her baby shower. The design system reduces gas and colic. The formula goes into the unique straw completely filling the nipple eliminating air therefore reducing and can even eliminate air getting into baby's tummy. I definitely recommend them and they make a great gift

Our youngest son has very special needs, something we didn't know until after he was born. I breast feed my oldest two kids, but with this one he just wouldn't latch. After trying every single bottle on the market we tried this and it worked! It was literally the only one that allowed him to latch onto the nipple. He still has trouble drinking and swallowing and years later, way past a typical child's bottle days, he still uses Dr Brown's to drink!

Best bottles These bottles have prevented all four of my children from ever getting an ear infection. They do have a couple extra parts that are needed to push air away from baby, well worth the extra steps.