Ouidad Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel

Ouidad Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel

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Ouidad made me love my hair. All my life I shed away from wearing my hair in its natural curly state. For over 10 years, I blow dried and flat ironed my hair after every wash, and a few times I tried product that claimed to fix the frizz and unruly curl issue, but none delivered. Until I found this product online. I saw several Youtube videos and, while skeptical, I bought this product that seemed to work so well on the tutorials. (I really hoped it would work on my hair, since everything else I ha tried failed me.) From the day I first used this, I no longer worry about my hair. I can wash it any time of the day, and know that all I need is about an hour to get my curls the way I want (my hair is waist length and there is so much of it). It takes me about 45 minutes to apply the gel to all of my hair, and another 15 minutes to dry with a difusser if I want it to set and dry, and I'm done. It doesn't make my curls crunchy or oily like other products (unless I use too much of it; rookie mistake). At this point, I've forgotten how my hair looks straight because I've been using this product for over a year and I no longer spend 2 hours flat ironing what I now realize are beautiful curls. Using Ouidad made me absolutely LOVE my hair; straight hair is no longer my ideal.

It was not what I expected. Didn't work on my hair.

If you have curly hair then you most likely have a ton of products. This is the single best line there is.And if you can get a carve and slice haircut from a Ouidad salon, best haircut EVER!

The best, most consistent hair product I've ever tried. It's expensive, certainly more so than regular store brands but it's worth every cent. I love that this product is light and doesn't cause my hair to be sticky or crunchy. My hair feels great, no frizzies, just corkscrew curls that hold their definition even overnight. I don't want to be overwhelmed by scent in my hair products so I also appreciate the lack of fragrance in this gel by Ouidad.

holy grail product in the summer. keeps my wavy hair from frizzing in the humidity, love it

This is absolutely the best product I have ever used on my curly hair. My whole family (mother, sisters, cousins, etc.) has curly hair and we have tried just about everything. This product controls frizz and gives you soft, defined curls. It does take awhile to get the hang of applying it though. It is important to watch the videos on Ouidad's website so you can figure out how to make it work for your hair.

I won this as part of their 25th anniversary so I paid zero dollars. I'm not sure if this works because I just may be using this incorrectly. This is supposed to work on all hair textures - I have 3c/4a hair if you are familiar with hair typing. I personally like big poufy hair so this may be why I'm not 100% crazy about it but this may work for you.