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Pampers Diapers

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It seems that Procter and Gamble are having financially issues and had to lower the quality of all their diapers and continue to charge the same prices. They were hoping that consumers would not notice the difference. It is a good thing that there are other companies like Costco, Target, and Huggies that value their consumers and not resort to low marketing ploys. Shame on you Procter and Gamble.

My daughter's been out of diapers for 7 months but I never could use Pampers for my her. No matter which kind (Baby Dry, Cruisers, etc.) we would end up with leaks and blow outs (yuck!) all the time. We also had some problems with Huggies but that was more of a quality control issue and they were quick to remedy the situation when I complained. I always preferred Luvs to anything else and I always felt that they were the best value too.

love pampers swaddlers for 0-6 months, after that i've found that we needed to move up to the baby dry. pampers sensitive wipes are the only wipes we will use. if we use anything else our sensitive skinned baby breaks out in a rash. when we are low on cash we will buy acme store brand, never had a problem with them either.

So very disappointed with this brand lately! Used to be all I use but the quality has gone down considerably while Huggies has gone way up. I mostly used Baby Dry but the tabs started breaking before I could get the diaper fastened (and no it's not because the diaper was to small and I wasn't pulling on it to hard) and then there was the issue with leaks and poop up the back and down the leg. The diaper falling apart, etc.

I hate the new diapers! My daughter used swaddlers for the first 4 months of her life, and I liked them for the most part, my only complaint was that they leaked at night. Then once Max Drys started to take over she broke out in the worst rash I've ever seen. It was so raw I couldn't apply Diaper cream. At first I switched to Baby Dry which seemed to help at first until I bought a new box and she began to break out AGAIN! I switched to Huggies and have never had a problem since, they don't give her rashes and never leak. Go Huggies.

Pampers gave my daughter a rash.

I have had nothing but issue with these diapers, leaks can be a problem, even with one urination this has been a problem... On top of which 3 of 4 have have severe allergic reactions to the product. The name brand with the best commercials is NOT always the best!!!

Pampers diapers are scented. They smell horrible, they smell like baby powder and old people. Yuck!

Pampers Baby Dry were horrible or my little boy. Gave him rashes that actually looked like burns. :(

expensive, prefer LUVS

When my baby was 1 month old, pampers diapers caused blisters so we stopped buying these. Now that my baby is 11 months old, we decided we'd try it again and bought the nighttime diapers that said 12hours on them and it leaked after only 5 hours. Huggies is better. Even Babies R Us diapers is better.

I prefer Costco's Kirkland brand.

I started using pampers with my son because that's what we were given at the hospital; however, I soon learned that they were not the best out there. I grew very tired very soon of changing his clothes with every diaper change. I didn't have enough clothes to keep up!

I do not like this product. My older son was instantly allergic because of the netting. I think that these diapers would be better for a baby girl. I have yet to use them on my newest boy and will likely never purchase them.

I dont know what happen to these diapers use to use them on my son 7 years ago and i loved them, the only ones i would buy. with my new baby I started buying them again and they sag fast and look like she had it on all day, want to huggies. LOVE THEM