Febreze Flameless Candles

Febreze Flameless Candles

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I'd like to try these, but the price is too high.

The paper lantern part is soaked in a fragrance with a battery powered base. It was really strong when I first set it up and didn't last too long. To me, its not worth the price.

I would luv to try these, since I love Febreze products so much, but the price is a bit high. I am still considering it, after reading your comments, I'm just unsure I want to spend that much on this product.

I was not real thrilled with this item. The smell was terrific, but it lasted strong for a couple of hours and after that it fizzled out.

I think these are very pretty, I love the flameless look as well as the pretty prints that come on the paper. With that said, they are also a great way to freshen any room when unexpected visitors might pop by.My only complaint really is that the sent does not last as long as you would think and they are quite speny

The scent doesn't last very long but it's very pretty and can give the impression of a lit candle without the worry of burning a candle.

Love the design and the slight light and scent it gives. Not overpowering

I love febreeze products and this is no exception

I love the simple design and the fact that it has the feel of a candle but has no flame.

LOVE THESE THINGS! I have a dog and his tail is dangerous, so perfect if he hits it..falls to the floor..picked back up..no burned doggy tail, no mess on my floor. The smell lasts a long time for me, but i live in a rather small apt. Also the scents smell amazing! Its small, cute. Perfect to decorate when moving into a previously "man land"

I have three of these in my house and I adore them. The Honey Suckle Orchid is gorgeous!

THese smell great!

Got a seasonal one on sale after Christmas since I refuse to pay full price for something like this. It's nice that you can change out the shades and the smells are actually stronger than I imagined. I have it on the mantle - no worries about candle burns/soot on the wall. Great idea - the look of a candle but much safer.

I love the febreze flameless candles especially because i have kids and i dont have to worry about a flame .

I have a couple of these. Yeah, they are pricey but I got one for my teen to use in their room, rather this than a flame candle, and I like them plus I have one in the TV room and one in the kitchen. Recently I have taken my Febreze flameless candle that I have in the TV room and am using it for my youngest sons memorial table that I've set up. I can use it during the day, with the white shade, and then I have a plug-in candle that goes on at dusk and off at dawn that I use during the night. My youngest really liked watching this one and being able to 'light it up' so it just made sense to use it next to his picture. <\3