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Millennials More Likely to Be Stressed

on Apr 18, 2013: Speaking of myself, I can relate but as was mentioned above, how many people were looked at?

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The "Harlem Shake" on a Plane: Harmless Fun or Safety Concern?

on Apr 18, 2013: It is certainly one thing: annoying. And if the plane is in the air or on the ground, it is not fair to other flyers and definitely not fair to people whose workplace you are at. Not saying you should make it as easy on them as possible but you really don't have to go that far.

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Brave High School Students Dare To Go Bare-Faced

on Apr 18, 2013: Great idea, when I went to high school (and that's not that long ago) we would wear minimal makeup - mascara and eyeliner, maybe a lipstick once in a while. Less is more sometimes.