Rimmel Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

Rimmel Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

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This is the only eye makeup remover my daughter will use. I try to buy them two at a time, when I can find a buy one get one free or a buy one get one 50% off sale. It really is a wonderful product!

I love this stuff as well. I like that it doesn't leave my eyes all greasy and blurry after I use it!

Good ol Walmart!

This makeup remover is the best I've used. It doesn't sting my eyes like the previous remover I was using and even when I wear dark and intense makeup, it removes it all completely and quickly. I will purchase this again and again!!

This is my go-to makeup remover when I don't feel like using a towelette remover. It takes off mascara great without burning my eyes. I have bought this over and over!

I love this! It easily takes off any eye makeup, including any mascara. There is no burning or strong odor with it. Great product! I will never quit using this!

I love this! I use it every night after my shower just to take off my excess eye makeup. It's gentle and does not leave a nasty residue! I use the tiniest amount and it gets everything off mine has lasted for months and I'm not even halfway through.

I have it, its cheap and it does its job really well. U can get the same thing done with oil.

I love this product. It never stung my eyes, didn't leave my eye lids oily. This product was just amazing. It was really cheap & it had to be the best drugstore eye makeup remover I have used.

Works great and the cost is just right.

Works just as well as more expensive brands without being too oily!

This stuff works okay. Does its job for regular makeup. Anything semi-long lasting will not come off.

I really expected to like this but it just does not work like it should. It did not remove my waterproof eye makeup at all and left me with what looked like two black eyes. Eye makeup remover should be a gentle process but with this I felt like I was ripping my face off to clean it. My face was not clean and just felt horrible and it hurt after using. I got this free to test and glad I was able to try it out but I will not be using it any longer or buying in the future.