Palmers  Stretch Mark Cream

Palmers Stretch Mark Cream

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I used this when I was pregnant. I still got a lot of stretch marks, but I heard that it really doesn't matter how much cream you use, it all depends on the elasticity of your skin. So, in that regard, although I cannot vouch for it's non-stretch mark powers, It did make my skin soft and had a nice smell!

I thought this product was great. I used it on some new stretch marks, i put it on about three times a day, and after about a week they are dramatically reduced. The formula is a little greasy but soaks into the skin quickly. Look forward to seeing my results improve with continued use.

I used the palmers Body butter for stretch marks before and during pregnancy and the firming afterwards. At first nothing happened but then the firming started working!! The only issue i have is that I wish all their products came with the lavender infused like the body butter. Its so calming and lovely. :)

This does not prevent stretch marks. It does help to reduce the appearance of them after pregnancy. It helps smooth the skin around them.

i loved this with my first son, helped keep me from getting many stretch marks and helps to smooth away the ones i did get!!!! plus works awesome on dry feet i know crazy thought but it does!

I used thus during my first pregnancy And didn't develop any stretch marks. Now that I am pregnant again I am planning on slathering it on all summer long!

This has been my favorite lotion since forever! I've never gotten a single stretch mark in my 3 pregnancies. Love it! The scent is amazing and it leaves your skin looking perfect!

My sister loves the feel of her skin after she used the coco butter lotion. It's great for everyone even if your not pregnant, it's a great product so go out and get some for yourself.

Great for preventing stretchmarks This smells amazing and helps prevent stretchmarks. I still had some, but it was a lot less than if I wouldn't have used this.