Gerber NUK Learner Cup

Gerber NUK Learner Cup

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My children did not care for this cup. And I thought it was a hassle with all the parts. It also seemed cheeper to me.

I wish we could find those in stores

I could always find these in walmart or target, or, they are pretty expensive. My daughter really liked them when she was little and I think it is a great transitional sippy cup.

my twins love this sippy cup. It is a great cup to make the transition from bottle to cup.

This is the only sippy cup that my 6 month old will take!

My daughter has been using these since she was 4 months old. Very easy to use and doesn't spill....even with her juice...and you can definately find them at Walmart for around $7.00.

I would give 5 stars if the price were not $7 for one cup. You will however spend that in replacing sippy cups. If you start out buying this brand you will be set. I have bought so many sippy cups with valves and you just CAN'T keep them clean.

I love these cups. My mom who runs a daycare, gave us one she no longer needed, and my son loved it from day 1. He was just a little over 6 months old when we started giving him this cup, and he had no problem transitioning from his bottle. He had several other cups which were still a bit big for him at this point. Overall this is a great cup to start training a baby on how to use a sippy cup.

Love these! Bought two for my house and one for my mom's house for my son. He took right to them!

great sippy cup My son loved this sippy cup. I liked that it was an easy transition from the nuk bottle to this sippy cup. He learned to hold the cup withing a week and it very easy to clean .

My sons loves these cups very easy for him to hold since he has little hands

Loved these. Helped all my babies learn to use a cup, never had a mess either.

Loved that the Gerber NUK learner cup was a good transition cup from bottle to sippy cup. Baby is less confused with the change because the nipple is similar to a bottle. No other sippy cups had this rubber nipple feature that I found. I used this product for both my children.

This product is a great starter cup. Easy for the young child to handle, and easy for Mom to keep it clean and full!

First off i would just love to gush over the cute designs they put on their products. Nuk is so innovative and their products are awesome. I like their products a lot but i wish they were a bit cheaper but at the same time these are quality products. We bought them because our oldest son had gassy issues and when we switched to Nuk we had gotten rid of the problem. the learner cups are great and I think they really do help baby understand and learn how to move away from the bottle.