Gerber NUK Learner Cup

Gerber NUK Learner Cup

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Love these! Bought two for my house and one for my mom's house for my son. He took right to them!

great sippy cup My son loved this sippy cup. I liked that it was an easy transition from the nuk bottle to this sippy cup. He learned to hold the cup withing a week and it very easy to clean .

My sons loves these cups very easy for him to hold since he has little hands

Loved these. Helped all my babies learn to use a cup, never had a mess either.

Loved that the Gerber NUK learner cup was a good transition cup from bottle to sippy cup. Baby is less confused with the change because the nipple is similar to a bottle. No other sippy cups had this rubber nipple feature that I found. I used this product for both my children.

This product is a great starter cup. Easy for the young child to handle, and easy for Mom to keep it clean and full!

First off i would just love to gush over the cute designs they put on their products. Nuk is so innovative and their products are awesome. I like their products a lot but i wish they were a bit cheaper but at the same time these are quality products. We bought them because our oldest son had gassy issues and when we switched to Nuk we had gotten rid of the problem. the learner cups are great and I think they really do help baby understand and learn how to move away from the bottle.

Great starter cup. My baby really enjoyed these cups. I love the handles on the side and different varieties.

my baby uses it all the time

Awesome cup for transitioning to a sippy. My daughter starting using one at 4 months old. As she got older we removed the handles but it is still her favorite sippy by far. We bought extra spouts to replace the nipples with in her mam bottles.

I had this one for my baby girl and it was very easy for her I used as an emergency as a bottle when we were out and bottle was lost lol...she was only 2 months and it work just as great as her bottle

The Gerber NUK learner cup is the best sippy cup out there. My son refused all other cup but this one. The spout is soft and similar to a bottle nipple which makes the transition from bottle to cup so much easier. I tried all kinds of cups, hard spouts, soft straws, hard straws, other soft spouts, but nothing beat this product! We have about 5 of them and buy more when ever we see them!

LOVE LOVE LOVE these cups. I used this cup with my older son at 4 months old. He was on ONLY this cup by 6 months old. My newest baby started at 4 months and was on ONLY this cup by 7 months or so. We have recently upgraded to the larger 10oz travel cup. I LOVE IT. Easy to clean, no leaks. Only think I dont like is the blue nipple one gets discolored after a while, and if you clean them roughly the nipple slit can get open and leak a little after MANY cleanings. The new cup I got is great cuz its larger and fits more liquid for his large feedings. I was just doing 2 cups of the smaller one. I will continue to use this product with my son and for future babies as well.

made a great starter cup. I liked that it had handles on both sides

These were great starter cups. My daughter didn't want a bottle at 6 months so we tried these and had no complaints. They were great in the dishwasher as long as you pulled apart all the pieces of the cups (otherwise it molded)