Simply Vera Vera Wang No Show Socks

Simply Vera Vera Wang No Show Socks

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I would not buy these.... they seem to me to be like the half nylons that they have all over shoe stores. I wonder if they would slip when you walk & just be a pain more then a convienient.

Is the material quite breathable? Don't want to have to worry about foot odor just to have "invisible" socks!

I don't like wearing most pumps and dress shoes without stockings, but "knee-highs" are a bit much, and I like the "no hose" look. I found these no-show socks at Kohls as part of the Simply Vera Vera Wang line. I really like them! Despite their small size, they do stay on, thanks to a special "grippy" heel. If you're looking for an alterntive to stockings, these are worth a look. I bought mine in a pkg. of 2 pair at Kohls on sale for $6.99.

Many other companies make a similar shoe sock but many do not stay on. It seems to be the rubber heal that helps keep them on. I agree that on some shoes they do show. Worth the money as they wash and wear over and over.

useful and comfortable

I really like this. However, they do slip a little bit until you've worn them a time or two and get them to fit your feet. They also make them in a variety of colors which is nice.

I love these and they do stay on my feet ..I think with Wang product you pay a little more but the quality is there..! Very comfortable. I do wish however they come up with one that is invisible...

I love this. This is one accessories I can't live without. In the hot weather of Florida, those are my favorites to use to go to work to. It can go with any close and it doesn't make me hot.

They are a part of my everyday dress shoe accessories. No one knows I'm wearing them.....prefect !!!!

Have these and love them! Sometimes Kohl's as sales on socks like this! Great for flats if you don't want feet to smell!