Dance Flick Movie

Dance Flick Movie

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umm the movie did make me laugh but it didn't make it to my favorites list. Its not the kind of movie I'd want to watch several times. I feel that once is enough. Yes. it is funny but its stupid as well.

i myself didn't see the movie but my daughter saw it with her friend and she said she really liked the movie. In the previews it seemed like a really good movie, plus with the Wayans brothers you can't really go wrong. Yet since it is suppose to be a funny version of alot of other movies, it kind of seems dumb. But I guess if you want a good laugh then you should watch the movie.

The only reason why we went to see this movie was because we were bored. It is meant to be silly as a spoof of other dance movies such as "Save the Last Dance" and "Flashdance," etc. There is no originality and the jokes are overused.

Too goofy for me:(

this was just okay. from the previews, i thought it would be quite comical, but not really. my sister and i went to see it with our mom. Even though i am 19 and my sister is 24, some scenes got very uncomfortable sitting next to my mom. We aren't sheltered by any means, however, they say and go some graphic stuff. i was surprised it wasn't rated r.

Horrible!!! I do not know what the audience has done to deserve this?