Pepsi  Throwback

Pepsi Throwback

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I did not like it. I thought it tasted like diet for some reason.

I was really disappointed in this product. I thought it tasted like flat diet pepsi.

I didn't like this when they brought it out.

I do not like this pepsi. I just bought it today and it tasted like diet soda. It was terrible, thank goodness I don't drink pop often.

so gross!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it doesnt taste good and can tell its different in bad way. dont know how its any better with taste or sugars

I didn't really care for the Pepsi throwback, it was a bit too sweet for my taste.

I have always been a Pepsi drinker and I don't ever remember Pepsi tasting like Pepsi Throwback. I have tried all the "throwback" Pepsi products and will not buy them again. They are too sweet (much sweeter than Coke) and have a weird aftertaste.

i love pepsi. but i can not stand pepsi throwback! it tasted odd and too sweet to me. i will stick with regular pepsi.

i dont like the taste. it has a after taste like diet pop. i want the corn syrup it taste so much better,

I am a Coke drink but my husband will drink almost any soda. He prefers Coke but grew up drinking Pepsi. When we saw Pepsi Throwback in the store, he was really excited to try it. So we picked up a 12 pack. This stuff is gross! I did not expect to care for it as I'm not a Pepsi fan. I do not like it at all. I did not even finish the can. It has a weird taste. My husband did not like it either and he can drink a case a day. The can says it's made with "real sugar" which is actually beet sugar.

This is absolutly horrible!! I didn't realize there would be such a difference from the regular. There was and it was horrible!! I tried Mt.Dew Throwback as well and it was just as nasty. Do not waste your money!!

Dont care for Pepsi

Dont like it too much sugar for me :(

Coke is my beveage of choice. Sorry Pepsi.

I love Pepsi, I did not like the throwback