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Woman's Day Magazine

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I like this magazine, very informative. Always something good.

Just okay. I'm not a big fan of this magazine because it tends to repeat the same topics every other issue.

I wish that Woman's Day had more simple recipes and celebrity interviews. I also appreciate finding bargains and using coupons in the economy today. I read Woman's Day but mostly, I just peruse to see if I can find what I am looking for.

I remember my mother buying this magazine. For many years I bought it. Now the price has gone beyond what I can spend. I also think the quaility is not as good.

Has good information on the news organizing ways and how to lose weight. Also has tips for day to day life to make things easier.

I have to say that I never thought I would enjoy the Woman's Day magazine. I guess I thought of it more as an older woman's magazine. I just read the April issue cover to cover and can't get over all the wonderful content. There is tons of info inside about saving money, beauty products, children's issues and more. I am very pleasantly surprised by this magazine and look forward to being a subscriber for many years to come.

I enjoy woman's day, but I feel like this magazine can be a bit boring at times. I am a mother of two in my early 30's, so I am a bit older to read Glamour and magazines of that nature and this magazine seems to be over my head at times. Although, I do enjoy the articles and tips for the home & recipes.

I really enjoy this magazine. It's in my top 5. It has great articles that are practical and interesting for every day life. Not too many ads which is one thing I highly dislike about certain magazines. It's great for women and I would enjoy reading every issue.

This is the kind of magazine that a little something for every woman.

I enjoy the articles and they have fabulous giveaways. I eat super clean and healthy, no refined or processed foods and can't use the majority of the recipes they publish.

Great magazine at a great price...Love it!

This is an awesome magazine

I pick this up often at my grocers check out. Lots of good this in this for a budget.

I subscribe to alot of mags - WD is a really good one for anyone looking for recipes that are easy - also, fashion for us ladies not in our twenties anymore - short articles, not dragged out like other mags - the sweeps are great too !

Great read!