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I love this magazine. It has tips on saving money. Also there are tips on losing weight , exercise and other health issues. I also enjoy the fashion and beauty advice. Of course, there are yummy recipes. I always look forward to the next issue.

I truly enjoy this magazine! I enjoy the articles on fashion, diets and of course, the recipes! One of my favorite magazines that I have read for many years. I recommend this magazine to every woman out there that just wants an excellent read!

Great read!

I subscribe to alot of mags - WD is a really good one for anyone looking for recipes that are easy - also, fashion for us ladies not in our twenties anymore - short articles, not dragged out like other mags - the sweeps are great too !

I pick this up often at my grocers check out. Lots of good this in this for a budget.

This is an awesome magazine

I Love the Magazine it has help me in so many ways.

I Love the Magazine it has help me in so many ways.

Great magazine at a great price...Love it!

Love it!

my mum introduced me to this magazine when i was little.still reading it and enjoying it now that im a mum myself

I love this magazine as well. I am often pulling out articles and recipes to keep for future reference. I started reading the magazine after my mother gave me a copy months and months ago, and I have been hooked ever since.

I received a free subscription to this magazine and was pleasantly surprised to find that I thoroughly enjoyed reading from cover to cover. The articles and info are very down to earth and mainstream. Most people can relate. The magazine tries to cover all aspects of a woman's life.

This is a great magazine. Has super tips and ideas for day to day living and any way we can save money is always welcome.

I love to read the magazine as it gives me new recipes and also ways to save money.The magazine has really changed over the years and it has really gotten better and I save some of them as they are things that I want to do at a later date.