General Mills Chex Mix Turtle Bars

General Mills Chex Mix Turtle Bars

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I loved these, if you like the carmel and chex mix tase you will love them! I never had any stomach upsetness.

My whole family thinks these are great! We had several boxes of both flavors and the Turtle was our hands down favorite. We havent had any issues with our tummies either

Had chex mix I loved them they were great!!

I got a free sample of this in the mail and I thought it was very good. The first taste was strange, but once I started chewing it it was good. I split mine with my husband and he really enjoyed it as well.

YUMMY. Great between meal snack.

The chocolate flavor isn't right here - otherwise, it would be tasty. I try to scrape off the chocolate topping part.

Not my favorite bar. Its all chocolate and yes agreed it is sludgy.

Chex Mix bars are disappointing, especially since I love the turtle mix. They taste terrible (like diet food-more specifically, chocolate flavored rice cakes). The worst part-they have a laxative effect. Yuck. The worst chocolate product ever.

I wasn't very impressed. I received a free sample in the mail along with a coupon. The bar upset my stomach. They are also pretty expensive even with the coupon.

I personally thought that they tasted horrible, way too sweet.

I didn't have tummy problems, but I didn't like the tast of the Turtle flavor AT ALL. It was more like Butterscotch than caramel! My grocery store had buggies full of the Turtle and the Chocolate flavors and were selling them for $0.99/box. At that price I couldn't resist buying 2 of each. Most of the them went into the trash because my kids wouldn't even eat them before the expiration date.


I would agree with the sickly sweet taste of these bars. I took one bite of a bar and threw it out. My husband on the other hand loved the bars. Go figure.

I got a sample too. Thankfully I tried it before I bought a box. It was horrible! The chocolate was like sludge- sickeningly sweet sludge. And it was all I could taste. No cereal, no caramel, just chocolate sludge. My husband & I together couldn't finish the bar. But it's a good idea- it just needs a good amount of tweaking.