Pledge  Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair

Pledge Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair

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I havent tried it personally yet, but have heard of it from freinds who have and they love it and recommend it, so I will be trying it soon!!

I absolutely LOVE this product! I have 2 dogs and 2 cats and boy do they shed! In the past I've tried everything from lint rollers to the rubber sole of a sneaker, to the vaccum cleaner and NOTHING worked even half as well as this. I have and will continue to recommend this to every pet owner I know.

I love this thing! I have 3 cats who are always on the couch, beds, etc. I use this, and I cannot believe how much hair it picks up, nor how easy it is to use. I can even get into the corners of the couch, which I cannot easily do with my vacuum. I have vacuumed the furniture, and then used this, and pulled-up quite a bit of fur that the vacuum left! It's easy enough to use that my 10 yr.old son uses it, which is always a plus..

This is an amazing little tool. I have two short-haired cats, one of which has white hair that gets all over everything. I also have uphostered furniture that seems to attract everything. The back and forth motion picks up even the short cat hair. And my ingenious husband helped show me how to empty it. I'm on my third re-use of a so-called disposable product.

I love love love this much cheaper than buying rollers....and to those who are upset about it being disposable, you absolutely CAN empty and re-use this product (sorry Pledge!). I have done so several times (did I mention I have FOUR cats?!..LOL). Use one had to pull one of the rollers down while using the other to push the tab its clicked into takes a little strength, but it is actually very easy to remove once you get the hang of it ..then just empty and reassemble by clicking the roller back in (with the fuzzy side pointing out towards you) ... re-use saves you enough money to go out and buy one for every room. Oh...and here's another can stash it between the cushions toward he back of the couch/chair/loveseat...and no one will know its there. (Saves one more trip down or upstairs because you forgot to grab it...I hate that...LOL) JMHO

I received this product from my sister as one of my stocking stuffers. I love this product!!! It makes my furniture look so clean and removes all the animal hair. I have three dogs all mixed breeds and it removed all of their hair. I plan on using this product for as long as there are pets in my home, which I will be forever.

I LOVE this product!! We have a Boxer and she sheds short fine hair. This is the best think I found to clean up after her when she lays on the bed or any other furniture

I LOVE this product...It works so well. I only wish you could empty it out but then how would they sell more..LOL

Very pleased with price and usfulness. works very good on my microfiber and there is no traps to clean out and no hair flying around.

This product does exactly what it says it will, removes pet hair. All of it, even the downy soft fur. Completely clears fabric of all fur. Great product from Pledge!

I like this and have used it quite a bit. For wearables tho, nothing beats an old fashioned rubber jar gripper.

I liked how this product worked but after it gets full you have to throw it out you cant re use it, other than that not too bad of a product.

I have three cats and this worked very well on a variety of surfaces in my home. I especially like the results when I used it on my velvet-covered dining room chairs; nothing else had worked at all on them.

I found this on sale and bought several. I like it, but it is a bit bulky. I tend to use my rubber sponge more often.

This product is easy to use and works well. I have two large dogs and one 16-year old cat, so there's a lot of hair to pick up. I'd give it 5 stars if you could empty out the hair and re-use.