Nintendo DS

Nintendo DS

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I like my ds. But I don't like the fact that there are not many options for The Sims. They repeatedly do the same action and it gets boring after a while.

not as great as the dsi, but it works for being as cheap as you can get them

I bought all 3 of my kids this game system and for a while their eyes never seemed to leave the screen. They loved their DS, but here it is a year later and all 3 of them are sitting in my desk drawer with mass amounts of games to them and collecting dust. They lost interest in their DS's and havent played them since.

My husband bought me a DS back before he was my husband and we were in college. He got it so I would be occupied during our long drive to school, etc. I didn't care much for the games that came with it, and I didn't like the small screen. I also didn't really care much for the dual screen. I did like the touch pen that came with it, and it is very portable and easy to use, but that's all I liked about it. I ended up giving it to my niece, who enjoyed it much more than I did.

My daughter likes her DS but when she got it at age 5, it was a little too advanced for her. Now that she is able to use it effectively, she wants a DSi. She takes it on car trips and to her grandparents house.

My little brother has went through three of these due to the screen breaking. I think they are a good way to occupy time, but you are definitely getting what you pay for. The newer version is better.

I have a DSi love the camra features plus I can take it with me any where.

Love it myself. The kids have one and have been through a few.

My kids have DS, DSi and now 3DS - the DS and DSi are great handheld game systems - I just wish there were more games for younger kids and more that are easier for younger kids or beginners to play otherwise DS is highly addicting (even for moms) and a great system to take anywhere and play alone or with friends. a bit pricy - could be cheaper! or have a better warranty!

Such a great design and good device idea. I will forever give props to Nintendo for this one.

my kids love them and they have wireless on them so they are able to use them for homework too

Fun and handy when waiting during appts.

I love my ds. It took a while for me t get used to the two screens, but for the types of games I play, it is great. I am into the brain/puzzle games. Have only played brain age and puzzle quest. I find the ds has a good battery life and good graphics. It is easy to use and small enough t bring places in your purse.

Would chews the 3DS over DS.Great for young child.

As far as handheld gaming systems go, the DS was first of it's kind!! Being so new, it was implemented wonderfully. A simple gaming device that managed to acheive the combination of touch and buttons incredibly. My nephew, my husband, and myself love it!