Betty Crocker Warm Delight Minis Molten Chocolate Cake

Betty Crocker Warm Delight Minis Molten Chocolate Cake

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Its OKAY. But I'd prefer buying mix and making a cake!

I don't really enjoy the flavor and find them overly priced for such small portions.

I didn't think they were so bad... but i wasn't impressed

They are quick and do taste okay, but it seemed hit or miss on over or undercooking and I think they are just too expensive for what they are. I could buy a box of brownie mix that feeds the family dessert several times over for the same price. The convenience isn't worth it to me.

It tastes like you'd expect a cake from the microwave to taste. It's dry, the flavor is very plain, and the fudge is just strange.

overpriced for the size, bitter flavor.

These were quite good but not enough bang for your buck. They are small and don't contain a lot of the product. Maybe great for a child for a quick dessert.

Great for something fast but Im old fashioned and would rather have the real thing! It def tastes like a microwaved cake....

Very overpriced for how little you get. They are nice though if you want something that is as close to home baked without having to turn on your oven.

Too sweet!

ok these do hit the spot..but dont cook as well or look so hot once done cooking all uneven...i wouldnt use these to cheat for a desert it looks to morphed and my kids wouldnt eat it but some of them are just YUMMMMMMMMMY..they have to figure out a way to make them look more appetizing.....though i find they taste just fine its the looks that throw me off and most of the time u need more water then they state

These are great for children, but I would much rather opt for the bigger ones. I would eat both of them myself when I am in a mood for chocolate. It's nice that they have relatively simple directions, but I often find they always need more water than stated. They are great to pack up and take with you if you know there will be a microwave near by.

I didn't think they were SO bad. I rather enjoyed it for a super quick sort of snack--although I will give you that it was "fake" tasting. I definitely prefer to take the time to make my own brownies/cakes. :)

these are a great quick and easy snack for the kids when they want something chocolately and fast!! and when u dont have the time to bake a cake for the whole family this is what will work it only feeds one person of course. and if you dont know how to cook this one is for you.

These are surprisingly good for microwavable cakes. The chocolate is rich enough to satisfy any craving and there is a nice variety of flavors. You really need to shop on sale or use coupons though as these get pricey. Also, the calories are high for small portions so you might be tempted to eat two. Nice, satisfying, quick snack or dessert.