SheSpeaks featured on ABC 6 Action News

SS Member Image By drodriguez 09.14.08
SheSpeaks featured on ABC 6 Action News
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SheSpeaks was featured earlier this week on the regional ABC 6 Action News. We would like to welcome all those new members who joined SheSpeaks after viewing this report.

If you did not see this report when it aired now is your chance. You can click here or paste this link in your browser
If commercials appear immediately before the report, you can click to close the pop-up person and then just keep watching.

The report shows two of our members who have tested products and shared their experience and feedback. Thank you to those members, we think they did a great job!

Our CEO and Founder, Aliza also explains that the aim of SheSpeaks is to allow women to have a say in the products and services around them and to have power to influence how these products improve. SheSpeaks is committed to informing companies of our members feedback and to have companies tell us how our members have influenced their products.

We can confirm that there are no plans for "HeSpeaks" the moment. Sorry guys.

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  • cherished21 By cherished21

    Can't wait to get started! I missed the spot on channel 6, but went online the next day to read about it. I signed up immediately. How Exciting!!

  • purpledks By purpledks

    I saw the report on Action News, and decided to give it a try!! Sounds like something I would enjoy.

  • keulaidkid By keulaidkid

    So excited to be a part of something so important as SHESPEAKS!! Cant wait to start!!

  • tlr52468 By tlr52468

    I saw the report on Action News and thought that this was something that I would enjoy doing. I am looking forward to getting new products to try out.

  • mesmerizedbylife By mesmerizedbylife

    I saw your spot on Action News and thought the concept was great. I'm looking forward to checking it out and giving my opinions.

  • pelican93 By pelican93

    I saw the preview on Action News earlier that day, and was trying to stay up to watch it. I ended up falling asleep, but made sure the next morning I checked to see it! I'm so glad I did :)

  • djhoke By djhoke

    I tried signing up with other online companies to do just this, but all were just outlets for sending me spam. I am looking forward to getting products and making a difference! Thank you Shespeaks and 6 ABC!!

  • dmeely By dmeely

    I saw the report and immediately joined. Also sent the link to some friends. I cannot wait to start receiving products for review !

  • lilkitten022185 By lilkitten022185

    saw the report on channel6 news...i cant wait to start getting test products!!!

  • Siaone23 By Siaone23

    After Seeing The Channel 6 report. I couldn't wait to sign up. I've already started to sperad the word.

  • cheeks687 By cheeks687

    My mother saw the report on channel 6 news and said its something i should defintely do especially since i am a marketing major and have internships working with products. Very excited to start!!

  • phillymusicchick By phillymusicchick

    I saw this report and told a bunch of people who aren't from the area about it. Sounds like fun, I can't wait to start!

  • momsthe1 By momsthe1

    I am looking forward to the fun!! Thanks

  • mommyof2boys By mommyof2boys

    I live in Tennessee and would NOT have know about this if it was not from my grandma that lives in the Philly/6 ABC area. I am looking forward to whatever comes in the mail.

  • tater By tater

    I saw the feature on Action news and am looking forward to the experience. Thank You

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