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SheSpeaks featured on ABC 6 Action News

SS Member Image By drodriguez 09.14.08
SheSpeaks featured on ABC 6 Action News
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SheSpeaks was featured earlier this week on the regional ABC 6 Action News. We would like to welcome all those new members who joined SheSpeaks after viewing this report.

If you did not see this report when it aired now is your chance. You can click here or paste this link in your browser
If commercials appear immediately before the report, you can click to close the pop-up person and then just keep watching.

The report shows two of our members who have tested products and shared their experience and feedback. Thank you to those members, we think they did a great job!

Our CEO and Founder, Aliza also explains that the aim of SheSpeaks is to allow women to have a say in the products and services around them and to have power to influence how these products improve. SheSpeaks is committed to informing companies of our members feedback and to have companies tell us how our members have influenced their products.

We can confirm that there are no plans for "HeSpeaks" the moment. Sorry guys.

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  • amyeva By amyeva

    I saw it on GMA, I have tried with

  • mrazzi45 By mrazzi45

    i am very excited about Shespeaks! at first I thought just another ad ....but it's not !!!

  • Terri57 By Terri57

    I missed but am going to watch here.I too am new to SHESPEAKS and am so happy i joined.I have tried the sexysmile product and was pleased.I did have to contact Shespeaks though as i never did an email to try anything.Hopefully i will start getting more invites in my email...Thanks SHESPEAKS

  • amerksfan1 By amerksfan1

    I heard about this site on ABC and instantly joined. Thanks "She Speaks" for allowing us to have a place to go for fun and R and R. I love this site.

  • GuessWho By GuessWho

    I'm so glad that I joined SheSpeaks after watching Action News. I am looking forward to participating and giving my input. Thanks for giving women another opportunity to make a difference.

  • marionb By marionb

    I just joined 5 minutes ago and I'm very excited to hear from you.I agree with some other women who have signed up to test products before and they were scams.I think SheSpeaks is what most of us are hoping for. Can't wait to start.

  • ducks4me By ducks4me

    I joined before watching the broadcast and I have to say I'm even more excited about being a member after seeing it. Excellent story!

  • Joycal04 By Joycal04

    I also saw the story on ABC and joined to see what its all about. I'm looking forward to participating.

  • shebba30889 By shebba30889

    I also joined the day after I heard about this on 6abc it sounds like this is going to be pretty fun. Can't wait to get started.

  • jetucker85 By jetucker85

    I joined the day after I heard it on the news on 6 ABC. Sounds like a really good way of opening the line of communication between consumers and companies. Can't wait to get started.

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