12 Days of SheSpeaks, Day 12: Win a $200 Walmart Gift Card!

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 12.18.18
12 Days of SheSpeaks, Day 12: Win a $200 Walmart Gift Card!
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BONUS! We don't want the giveaways to end so we're extending Day 12 for one more day. Enter until midnight on Thursday, Dec 20!

Welcome to Day 12 of our 12 Days of SheSpeaks Giveaways.

On this, our last day of giveaways, we have a prize that can help you - and others - see the world more clearly.

Enter to win a $200 Walmart gift card, which you can use on Nikon Eyes® and Transitions® lenses.

Nikon Eyes® and Transitions® lenses are fashionable eyeglasses for the whole family, in single vision or no-line progressive lenses. Available exclusively at Walmart Vision Center, these lenses can help reduce glare, eye fatigue and strain to create more effortless sight.

Did you know that one in four children in the U.S. has a vision problem that affects their ability to learn? 

Without clear sight, a child’s education and future are at risk. Which is why Walmart Vision Center has partnered with the Essilor Vision Foundation, a nonprofit organization that seeks to provide good vision to children in need across the nation. For every pair of Nikon Eyes® and Transitions® lenses that are purchased, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Essilor Vision Foundation.  

Enter Day 12 by answering the question below and then unlocking more ways to enter!

12 Days of SheSpeaks 2018, Day 12

Remember that for every entry, $1 will be donated to American Humane (up to $1,000), an organization that promotes the safety and welfare of animals. Find out more info here.

*One lucky contestant will be chosen at random to receive a $200 Walmart gift card. Giveaway is open through midnight ET on December 20th, 2018 to U.S. residents at least 18 years of age. Entrants must be a member of SheSpeaks. If you are not a member, click here to join. Winner will be notified by email.

Note: Nikon Eyes® and Transitions® lenses provided the gift card prize.

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  • annemaeanne By annemaeanne

    Seeing my family

  • JamericanSpice By JamericanSpice

    Being able to see my children's faces is what makes me appreciate soo much being able to see, especially with the struggles with my vision

  • gailbk11 By gailbk11

    Looking forward to see more clearly the world around me

  • heather732 By heather732

    They are building a Super Walmart by where I live. That would help us out tremendously!

  • Dreamyst1 By Dreamyst1

    don?t usually shop Walmart

  • lynda1067 By lynda1067

    As much as they frustrate me i love seeing my kids every day

  • Aubreydaniels By Aubreydaniels

    WE shop a lot at Walmart. Everything from groceries, school supplies, stocking stuffers to dog food. My tiny town doesn?t have a lot of places to shop, so Walmart is my go to! Merry Christmas

  • steelermom By steelermom


  • riahandherboys By riahandherboys

    I go to Walmart EVERYDAY!!! This would help so much!

  • satrntgr By satrntgr

    Something I see that makes me appreciate my vision, is my family and our Arizona mountains!

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