Enter the @SheSpeaksUp #PanteneAtSams Giveaway!

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 04.07.15
Enter the @SheSpeaksUp #PanteneAtSams Giveaway!

Keeping color-treated hair shiny and radiant can really add up. With the new Pantene Platinum Color Lock shampoo and conditioner system, available in 40 fl. oz. bottles at Sam’s Club, you can have professional quality color protection without paying salon prices.


Win a Pantene Platinum Color Lock system and a $45 Sam’s Club gift card or a Sam’s Club year membership (worth $45)!

How To Enter
Comment below answering one of the following questions:

  • Whose hair color do you admire?
  • What's your favorite hair color you've ever had?
  • What's your favorite compliment you've ever received about your color-treated hair?


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"I entered the @SheSpeaksUp #PanteneAtSams giveaway to win a @Pantene Platinum system & a @SamsClub gift card bit.ly/1ySCNz3!"

One lucky commenter (or tweeter) will be chosen at random to receive a Pantene Platinum Color Lock system and a $45 Sam’s Club gift card or a Sam’s Club year membership (worth $45).

Giveaway is open to U.S. residents only. Enter through 5/4. Winner will be chosen randomly by 5/8 and notified by email.

Congrats to our winner, BeachBum2BE!!


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  • Katypugz By Katypugz

    Love the color

  • erinecoryell By erinecoryell

    Compliment- Hairdresser can't even tell that I dye my at home color treated hair.

  • illyjns By illyjns

    I love Eva Longoria hair color

  • bethbd1 By bethbd1

    Jaclyn Smith and Valerie Bertinelli...two timeless looks. Natural beauties

  • jaiswink By jaiswink

    What's your favorite hair color you've ever had? Red! I am naturally brunette. In the past I have went with darker browns. I felt that those color options toned down the red in my skin. Actually the dark brown/black made me look washed out. I recently tried low lights with red and a brown shade darker than my natural hair color. I fell in love!

  • kuchick By kuchick

    I have loved my natural bleached light brown hair that happens in the summer- still looking for the perfect color like that from a bottle!

  • hazellperez By hazellperez

    I love Ash Blonde color! Jennifer Lopez color is so beautiful ! Thank you for the chance!

  • Dragonista By Dragonista

    I always use Med ash blonde but decided I wanted to change the color and go darker. So I bought a light brown and used it. Well let me tell you what a difference it made. It turned out a dark med brown omg! I went to work the next day and got so many compliments. My Co-workers loved it and said it made my green eyes stand out. I also got SO many compliments from our customers. So it turned out just perfect :)

  • Heidibailey91 By Heidibailey91

    Platinum blonde I am just not a dark haired person!

  • Ashton By Ashton

    I love Megan Fox and Blake Lively's hair! I prefer black on myself and I do receive many complements with my black color hair.

  • KimmyD2025 By KimmyD2025

    I love having golden blonde highlights. I get so many compliments when I straighten my hair with a flat iron. Usually it's "wow, where did u get your hair done, your highlights are so perfect!"

  • 4evashanesbabe By 4evashanesbabe

    I love Khloe Kardashian'S hair! I love the length and ombre color. My favorite hair color on myself has been fuschia.. and I always got compliments on it!

  • Denisegrnk By Denisegrnk

    I also LoVe Jennifer Aniston's hair color!! It looks natural not fake at all!!

  • sunshineaj_22 By sunshineaj_22

    I admire Marion Colliards hair. My favorite hair color is the darkest brown there is. I have been told the darker my hair is the more exotic I look lol. Hey I will take it

  • Erparus By Erparus

    The best compliment I've ever received on my hair was when somebody said, 'wow your hair got so blonde from the sun!' The reason I loved that was because I had simply added highlights to my hair! I'm a cosmetology student, so somebody thinking that my hair was 'natural' was a huge compliment, especially because I colored it myself! I th No the secret is in good-quality products that protect the hair AND color!

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