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   By SheSpeaksTeam  Aug 19, 2014


Do you love handbags? We do.

And with Fall fashions starting to trickle into stores, we just can't wait any longer to show how much we appreciate you! So share a secret with us & enter to win a genuine Dooney & Bourke handbag in the SheSpeaks Member Appreciation Giveaway!*

 For some of us, handbags can be an outward sign of fashion savvy or earning power or represent something so deeply personal that we will sacrifice and save-up endlessly, to get just the right one.

But the real function of a bag is to carry stuff around. In colonial days, a woman's role was largely domestic and she carried her few belongings in a little pouch concealed in the folds of her skirt. But as women emerged into the workforce, the need arose for a sturdier accessory to hold her personal effects.

Now it is time to share a little secret!

Besides the daily-survival-kit & weekend-warrior-necessities like your phone, keys, make-up, safety pins, bandaids, hand sanitizers, headphones and umbrella .. .
what is the one thing that everyone who knows you would be surprised to learn is in your handbag?

Tell us in the comments below, and you could be a lucky winner
of one of the Dooney & Bourke handbags pictured here!

  • A signature satchel in Dooney's famous Tmoro brown
  • A snakeskin-embossed black hobo with natural leather trim
  • A domed camel-color canvas shoulder tote

One could soon be yours! 

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So good luck everybody!

And most of all, thank you for being a member of SheSpeaks and for participating in our community!
We appreciate you!


 *This giveaway is open through Sept. 7th to USA residents over 18 years of age. No purchase necessary.

9.23.14 Congratulations to winner: ironram1

9.24.14 Congratulations to winner: smorees

9.30.14 Congratulations to winner: jenniferklochdavis








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MommaMuze by MommaMuze | HILLSBOROUGH, NJ
Sep 07, 2014

I carry a picture of my favorite hairstyle so when I go to the salon, I can show the hairdresser just how I like my hair. They have told me that that was the best thing you could do, because just to get a trim or such, the hairstylist ( who cuts SO many people), can't always remember what the customer has wanted before.

zeason13 by zeason13 | Madison, GA
Sep 07, 2014

I have an old verizon flip phone that hasn't been active for years that goes everywhere with me in my purse.

abusse86 by abusse86 | Cuba, MO
Sep 07, 2014

I keep baby wipes in my purse.. Never know when you might need one!

mrsmolisee by mrsmolisee | st petersburg, FL
Sep 07, 2014

Ud be amazed to find money! and probably diapers wipes clothes...well pretty much everything. Im always prepared with 3 kids. I like the hobo bag in middle.

chrisp1mon by chrisp1mon | DENVER, CO
Sep 07, 2014

I have tweezers in my purse!!

nicolemay91 by nicolemay91 | ATHOL, MA
Sep 07, 2014

A lighter, i do not smoke anymore but you never know when it could come in handy!

Tigerfly827 by Tigerfly827 | Festus, MO
Sep 07, 2014

The signature satchel. What's in my bag that surprises people? A mini first aide kit.

asheejo by asheejo | Boise, ID
Sep 07, 2014

4 sets of paper dolls, a box of crayons and 4 coloring books. I think my girls need to start carrying their own bags!!! Lol

renee6298 by renee6298 | New castle, PA
Sep 07, 2014

I keep a secret pair of panties in my change part just in case ..........

pouncey1970 by pouncey1970 | DICKINSON, TX
Sep 07, 2014

Bodreauxs butt paste lol its for my granddaughter! Thanks for the chance to win :)

ambersjax by ambersjax | Jacksonville, FL
Sep 06, 2014

The one thing my friends would be surprised I kept in my handbag would be a razor. Just for emergency shaving while I'm out. I believe I am the only one who does this too :)

bcardez by bcardez | Wadena, MN
Sep 06, 2014

I think most people would be surprised at the amount of lip gloss/chap stick that i keep in my purse. I do not want to be without, it's life or death haha

pinkwithtamara by pinkwithtamara | Nescopeck, PA
Sep 06, 2014

A can of pepper spray!

Joan63 by Joan63 | CLEVELAND, OH
Sep 06, 2014

I always carry fold up scissors, sm. notepad and pen. and chapstick.

kdunigan by kdunigan | BIRMINGHAM, AL
Sep 06, 2014

I have been known to carry the wine i just bought or am bringing to a wine night in my purse and completely forget about it ha i have gone into restaurants many times just carrying it with me :)