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Enter the @Swiffer Giveaway for a Chance to Win a $50 @Walmart Gift Card #NewFromSwiffer

Enter the @Swiffer Giveaway for a Chance to Win a $50 @Walmart Gift Card #NewFromSwiffer

Here’s your chance to win one of two $50 Walmart Gift Cards!

How To Enter:

Comment below telling us how you will get your house back together after the chaos of the holidays!


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Click here to tweet “Enter the @SheSpeaksUp @Swiffer #NewFromSwiffer giveaway for a chance to win a $50 @Walmart gift card”

Two lucky commenters (or tweeters) will be chosen at random to receive a $50 Walmart gift card.

All entries are closed. Congratulations to our winners Smantha095 and kbaby05.

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  • OverWorkedMom By OverWorkedMom

    Throw a Party in January which forces me to clean from top to bottom

  • faeriekitty By faeriekitty

    I love my Swiffer. Helps me clean up after the kids and pets.

  • Rebecca18287 By Rebecca18287

    I clean up room by room.

  • Brandywww By Brandywww

    I had three Christmas', one before, one at Christmas and then a large group of family on the weekend after Christmas. And on top of all that I've had some water damage in our garage with the ice / snow storm that we had in December. My house hasn't been dusted in a long, long, long, long time. I take care of my 89 year old mother who in her younger years kept house so clean you could eat off the floor. Now with her unable to do anything, and I do all the work around our house. And it really needs a good dusting! I wish I had a housekeeper or maid to do the cleaning but I don't, so the next best thing is some Swiffer cleaning products! Please pick me, Please pick me, Please pick me!!

  • NanaMusic By NanaMusic

    I don't celebrate the holidays so for me this time of year means having my 2 grandchildren for 90% of the time that my grandson is not in school. After having a 6 month old and a 9 year old for almost 2 weeks - my house has to be put back together room by room. Put away all the bottle s and feeding stuff in the kitchen. Clean candy wrappers from grandson's desktop and all the little odds and ends that he didn't put away. LAUNDRY!!! More LAUNDRY!!! Clean around bathroom where little boys have "bad aim". heeheehee

  • crysrocke By crysrocke

    I organize a little each day. I've been labeling items, donating and organizing stuff in bins. I'm a neat freak and so it helps to do something each day. I never have to worry about running around trying to clean up when I have surprise guests visit my home.

  • Chicagodivaonadime By Chicagodivaonadime

    I will get my house back together with the help of my son. A full day of real housework. Lol

  • tjs68111 By tjs68111

    I just get all the Christmas decorations put away and make room for all the new "stuff" we got for Christmas by getting rid of some of the old stuff!

  • CNelson By CNelson

    After taking all the Christmas decorations down, I will vacuum and mop the floors, especially the kitchen. I will put away all chothes, and this year get my office in order with file cablinets and such. I will throw away all unnecessary paperwork. This is my goal.

  • dibingolady3 By dibingolady3

    Just by doing what I always do get it done its as simple as that do it and be glad that you feel good about the house and what I have accomplished. A little dusting, moping, doing dishes, taking decorations down it comes with the territory its all in what one wants to do and how to do it. If feels good to have a clean house.

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