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Win Delicious and Healthy SunRype Fruit Snacks!!

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 01.23.13
Win Delicious and Healthy SunRype Fruit Snacks!!
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Have you been looking for the perfect healthy grab-and-go snack for you and your family? Do you follow (or try to follow) a gluten-free diet? We've teamed up with SunRype to bring you nutritious fruit snacks that don't contain any artificial ingredients, and most importantly taste delicious!


Three members will receive $50 worth of SunRype 100% Fruit Snacks and a Lunch Kit.

How to Enter

Let’s talk snacks! Comment below to tell us what SunRype snack you’d most like to try (or if you’ve tried them, what your favorite is). We’d also love to hear your ideas for a flavor you would like SunRype to consider making.

Three commenters will be chosen at random to receive $50 worth of SunRype 100% Fruit Snacks and a Lunch Kit.

Entries open until Wednesday February 6th 2013. Open to U.S. residents over 18 only.

This Giveaway is now closed.  

Congratulations to our winners Dlfk20, Jefanda, Msfriendly! 

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  • Janeeric03 By Janeeric03

    Mango strawberry Veggie Bar

  • MoreGoodies123 By MoreGoodies123

    Mmmm wildberry please!

  • BostonSox By BostonSox

    I buy the fruit strips and the fruit and veggie strip for my kids. It's a great portable snack. We love them!

  • JadainGA By JadainGA

    I'd like the strawberry, but ALL of them sound yummy!! What an awesome win...good luck everyone!

  • Evelyn101 By Evelyn101

    If it has fruit, I will try any type, but my first choice would be with mango and that seems to be strawberry, mango. The best is to try at least one of each type.

  • julybug By julybug

    I would like to try the blueberry pomegranate fruit bar.

  • spark5 By spark5

    I'd like to try all of them actually - even the ones for kids. I'd like to see a grape or pear flavor.

  • Pitterin By Pitterin

    I am certain every choice is delicious! Blueberry all the way for my family.....delish...nutrish at home and everywhere we go!

  • vernae By vernae

    Just Fruit & Grain "Summer Berries" sounds great.

  • Terri57 By Terri57

    I would love to try any and all.I have been trying to find something different for my family,and these look like a perfect product! So i have my fingers crossed that i get lucky!

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