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Win Delicious and Healthy SunRype Fruit Snacks!!

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 01.23.13
Win Delicious and Healthy SunRype Fruit Snacks!!
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Have you been looking for the perfect healthy grab-and-go snack for you and your family? Do you follow (or try to follow) a gluten-free diet? We've teamed up with SunRype to bring you nutritious fruit snacks that don't contain any artificial ingredients, and most importantly taste delicious!


Three members will receive $50 worth of SunRype 100% Fruit Snacks and a Lunch Kit.

How to Enter

Let’s talk snacks! Comment below to tell us what SunRype snack you’d most like to try (or if you’ve tried them, what your favorite is). We’d also love to hear your ideas for a flavor you would like SunRype to consider making.

Three commenters will be chosen at random to receive $50 worth of SunRype 100% Fruit Snacks and a Lunch Kit.

Entries open until Wednesday February 6th 2013. Open to U.S. residents over 18 only.

This Giveaway is now closed.  

Congratulations to our winners Dlfk20, Jefanda, Msfriendly! 

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  • ktkatherine By ktkatherine

    The strawberry fruit strip sounds great! The flavor I would love to see would be a tropical fruit - maybe pineapple with mango?

  • CherryBlossoms By CherryBlossoms

    Fruit Strips would be perfect for my six year old! She is the pickest kid on the planet!

  • satrntgr By satrntgr


  • Atianna96 By Atianna96

    Since I'm a teen my vote definitely goes to the strawberry strips, they are really fun to eat.

  • MadHatter By MadHatter

    I would love to try the "Just fruit and grain" collection as I love oats as well as granola~

  • juliekbee By juliekbee

    They all look pretty good but I'd love to try the strawberry ones :)

  • brandisweet03 By brandisweet03

    the blueberry pomegranate , but all sound yummy!

  • misspotatoes By misspotatoes

    Id love to try the Plus Veggie Mango Strawberry ones! I LOVE MANGOS WOULD BE GREAT FOR A YOUTUBE VIDEO TOO!

  • OneUniqueQueen By OneUniqueQueen

    I've never tried them before but they all look so yummy!! What a great healthy snack for on the go!

  • loribeth143 By loribeth143

    Fruit strips! Yum! Yum!

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