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Here Comes the Bride: 4 Fun Themes for the Perfect Bridal Shower

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 04.17.12
Here Comes the Bride: 4 Fun Themes for the Perfect Bridal Shower
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April is in full swing, which means it's the start of wedding season! Brides and grooms-to-be are starting to plan for their big day by registering for wedding gifts and frantically trying to fill in that last minute seating chart. If you’ve been put in charge of planning and organizing the bridal shower but are having a hard time coming up with a theme, we’ve got you covered, because we’re sharing some great ideas for themes that will make for the perfect party.
Planning for a bridal shower is an involved process, one that takes time and careful preparation. To help you get organized and start the planning process off right, check out this planning timeline and guide from
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Without further ado, here are our ideas for some great bridal shower party themes:
Music Era Shower: Plan the shower around a particular music era. For example, a party themed around the 40s could feature music from Harry James, Glen Miller, or Benny Goodman. You can have the guests dress up to match the era and decorate the venue with posters of musicians from that decade. For a party game, plan to sing some karaoke featuring songs that come only from the chosen era.
Reminiscing Shower: reminiscing showerHave the guests bring photos of themselves with the guest of honor along with a note about the picture or occasion. Combine all of these pictures and notes into a scrapbook at the party to present to the bride to be. You can decorate the party location with photographs of the bride and groom at different ages. As a party game, have all the guests go around and share their favorite memory of the guest of honor.
Dessert Shower: Ask every guest to bring a dessert to the party. You can set up blind taste tests as a party game and award prizes to the best overall or richest dessert. Try to set up a number of different categories so that there are many winners. For a fun party favor idea, hand out small gift baskets with different cookies wrapped in cellophane and tied with ribbons. For a wide selection of great dessert recipes, check out
Alphabet Shower:alphabet showerThis bridal shower theme starts with the invitations. Have each invite contain the letters of the bride to be’s name (first, middle, and last) and assign each guest a letter from her name. Instruct each guest to bring a gift that starts with their assigned letter and make sure that they write the letter on the wrapping so that it’s clearly visible. As guests arrive and gifts stack up, the gifts will begin to spell out the name of the bride to be. For a party snack, make sugar cookies and then ask each guest to write, in icing, a word that describes the guest of honor that starts with the letters in her name.
Now we’d like to hear from you! What was your bridal shower or wedding like? Did you ever attend a bridal shower that had an interesting theme? Have you ever planned for a bridal shower or been involved in a wedding party? To be entered to win one of our giveaway prizes this week, simply create a review for a Home & Garden product that you think would make the perfect wedding gift or submit a comment below sharing your bridal shower stories. Better yet, do BOTH and get two chances to win! Comments and reviews must be submitted by 6pm EST on April 23rd, 2012. Good luck!




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  • NAvery1 By NAvery1

    I went to a bridal shower last Spring and I think it was the most fun of them all. There was a 'Mexican theme' food, music. There were little dollar store gifts on all the tables for everyone who came. We played fun games like- 'who knows the bride the best', a favorite :)

  • nan2b1 By nan2b1

    At my daughter's shower we had a blast. We played the "gum game" and everybody laughed so hard. You bring lots of ask the groom ahead of time the list of questions. The object is to see how well the bride really knows the groom. Every question she missed she had to put a piece of gum in her mouth....well the questions were hard on purpose.....It was so funny to see her with a HUGE chunk of gum and still trying to talk!.....some people hate shower games, nobody at this shower was not enjoying themselves.

  • kalinak By kalinak

    My future DIL's shower was outstanding! Her name is Tiffany so the theme of the shower was the "Spirit of Tiffany's" We all wore our best little Black Dresses and her parents house was all decorated with Tiffany's memorabilia. Everything was black, white and teal with lots of jewels, beads, glitz and glamour. It was so well themed and a very special day for Tiffany.

  • gloriarr By gloriarr

    They almost didn't get me to my surprise bridal shower. My fiance kept using the excuse of dropping of the Usher's tie . I was dressed to go bowling and said he could do that some other time.. I gave him a very difficult time about it. Not sure how he finally got me to agree to stop there first, but it was a huge surprise. The hostess was so worried that I would never make it. She also later gave me a baby shower, but said that in no way would she even consider it being a surprise.


    My mom and sister-in-laws threw my bridal shower. It was a complete suprise. I got alot of stuff that I need for the house and had all my family and friends there. They play a purse game and some regular games. Nothing to big or expensive.

  • aw5225 By aw5225

    My sister and bridesmaids threw my bridal shower at a local restaurant that my family loves. It was incredibly special, especially since all of my family was there and it's very rare for all of us to be together. My wonderful sister actually made mini three tier cakes for every guest to take home, complete with tiny fondant flowers. She also created beautiful earrings for each guest. She put so much hard work and love into my shower, and a few years later put the same amount of effort into my lovely baby shower. Her boyfriend recently told me that he is planning to propose, so I can't wait to make her bridal shower just as special as she made mine.

  • bamber By bamber

    I had a fun bridal aunt planned it with her friend and the crossword puzzles and shower games were sex themed which suprised me but was funny because my husband's grandma who was in her 80's was there along with my best friend's grandma.I got a cute honeymoon lingerie set and the card wasn't signed for 10 years I just said I received it from the "lingerie fairy".a while ago I brought up to my aunt that I still had no idea who gave the lingerie to me and she told me it was her.mystery solved lol!

  • AngeliqueB By AngeliqueB

    For one of my girlfriend's we had a "First" theme; people brought gifts she could use for her "firsts" of marriage, such as their first picnic, first movie night, first vacation, etc as husband and wife. For another one of our showers, we played a game while the bride opened presents to make gift opening more fun and also to help ease the bride with being the center of attention. Everyone filled in a blank BINGO card before she started opening presents with what they thought the gifts would be. First person with BINGO won a prize.

  • nbrobst By nbrobst

    Well I had a standard bridal shower but if your looking for ideas I think a fun shower would be a night away with the girls like in Vegas.

  • Ashley By Ashley

    My Bridesmaids planned a wonderful shower for me...however the day-of, when my Maid of Honor picked me up to drive me the 45 minutes to the surprise destination, traffic was oddly heavy. We tried to re-route, but were sitting bumper to bumper in every direction. Turned out there was a serious bus accident that completely shut down I -95. The ride wound up taking almost 4 mom and mother-in-law toasted me over speaker phone and the guests all ate without me! I finally arrived about 15 minutes before the shower was scheduled to end; some of my guests had already left. Luckily the venue gave us the room for an extra hour, so I was able to quickly eat and open most of my gifts before the shower was officially over. Perhaps winning one of your for the story of my less than ideal shower will make it a little better!

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