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Share Your Holiday Traditions to Win

Share Your Holiday Traditions to Win

There are plenty of signs that the holidays are coming.  The nights get darker earlier, the weather starts to get colder and in some parts of the country it's already snowing. City streets are decorated with lights and garlands and store windows are embossed with snowy scenes.  With Thanksgiving now passed, how do you make the holidays fun and keep the spirit running through the end of the year?

For many of us the holidays is a time when we return to a childhood feeling but there is always opportunity to introduce a new tradition for you and your family.  What do you like to do to make this time of year special?  It's so much fun to go out for coffee or have wine with old friends or perhaps you go ice skating or take winter walk.  If you love crafts or cooking there's such a huge variety of fabulous recipes and projects you can make and thanks to the internet the new and creative ideas for the holidays are endless.  For some of us, making popcorn, kicking back and watching a family movie is the perfect way to spend family time together.

We'd like to hear your favorite, most creative or best loved holiday tradition or a review of your favorite holiday movie.

To be entered to win one of our prizes this week, simply create a review for a holiday movie or share your holiday traditions in the comment section below.  Maybe you'll get some ideas to add to your family favorites this year!




The All-American Cookie Book by Nancy Baggett

Create-a-treat Gingerbread House

Love Actually (Blu-ray)

Snow by Cynthia Rylant

The Nightmare Before Christmas Collector's Edition (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo)

The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition with Blue Eyed North Pole Pixie-Elf


The contest starts Dec 7, 2011 and ends Dec 13, 2011 at 6:00 p.m.  Must be a US resident. No purchase necessary.

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  • emaysvt By emaysvt

    A Holiday tradition in my family was receiving an ornament from my parents each year. Once I was old enough I helped decorate the tree with my ornaments, and when I moved out of the house I had quite a collection to begin decorating my own tree. This year is my son's first Christmas and I plan to start the tradition with him as well!

  • duckielove By duckielove

    We make cookies on Christmas Eve and throughout the week before Christmas we help the kids make ornaments which makes the tree look that much more personal. It was one of the things I really enjoyed doing as a kid and have kept going. That and reading The Night Before Christmas every Christmas Eve. Opening a present on Christmas's pajamas so we don't have to have our old pjs taken pics of. Lol.

  • tiinaj1 By tiinaj1

    On Christmas Eve we always open presents from our immediate family. We open with the True Story of Christmas which the youngest member of the family that can read reads from Luke 2. Then we open presents, play games and have soup and a big plate of relishes and sometimes homemade cinnamon rolls. We've been doing this since I was in like 7th grade (I'm in my 40's now).

  • tinaleepa By tinaleepa

    I started my own tradition about 20 years ago; I wear pajamas, silly holiday ones, all day. I've even gone to the airport to pick someone up in the reindeer one piece with feet while wearing the matching antlers! :-)

  • takgirl14 By takgirl14

    My favorite Christmas movie is National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. I have to watch it at least once every Christmas season. My husband, sister, and best friend are equally obsessed with it. We are known to randomly quote it throughout the year, and probably have the whole movie memorized by now. It is ridiculously funny!

  • baseballgal By baseballgal

    There are so many great things about this time of year so it's really difficult to pick just one favorite tradition so I'll throw a couple out there. My husband and I cuddle up and watch a holiday movie every Sunday from Thanksgiving until Christmas and also catch the ABC Family holiday line up as often as possible. One Friday or Saturday night in December, we also go out to eat and then grab a hot cider, hot chocolate or yummy coffee drink, put on the Christmas music in our car and drive around looking at all of the Christmas lights in the area. One home sets up a wonderland so we take a stroll through their property and then head home after. It always puts us in the Christmas mood.

  • beatka820 By beatka820

    Our family tradition is to drive through the winter wonderland light fantasia display in our local park and when the tree is up just watch the christmas lights twinkle in the dark with soft christmas music in the background :)

  • LivinginLaLaLand By LivinginLaLaLand

    Every Christmas Eve, we go to Midnight Mass as a family; sing, enjoy the reason for the season and then we head to my moms house for pesole(Mexican soup) and open presents! I am looking forward to this Christmas;)


    #JingleHugs to everyone at SheSpeaks *+* Our Other Traditions are gathering Kleenex boxes and each of the kids make their own Ginger Bread houses. Then they put them under the tree and on Christmas Morning they all sit eating their Ginger bread houses while Christmas Music is being played by one of the family member on the piano. Been doing that for years it seems to be a happy moment for all. Thank you, Merry Christmas to you & your families.

  • blascek By blascek

    As the big day draws near, the "elves" make periodic visits to the house, leaving little treats and surprises. Candy, gum, mints, nail polish, small books, neat pencils or pens etc. And of course they leave new PJs for all to wear on Christmas Eve..

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