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Share Your Holiday Traditions to Win

Share Your Holiday Traditions to Win

There are plenty of signs that the holidays are coming.  The nights get darker earlier, the weather starts to get colder and in some parts of the country it's already snowing. City streets are decorated with lights and garlands and store windows are embossed with snowy scenes.  With Thanksgiving now passed, how do you make the holidays fun and keep the spirit running through the end of the year?

For many of us the holidays is a time when we return to a childhood feeling but there is always opportunity to introduce a new tradition for you and your family.  What do you like to do to make this time of year special?  It's so much fun to go out for coffee or have wine with old friends or perhaps you go ice skating or take winter walk.  If you love crafts or cooking there's such a huge variety of fabulous recipes and projects you can make and thanks to the internet the new and creative ideas for the holidays are endless.  For some of us, making popcorn, kicking back and watching a family movie is the perfect way to spend family time together.

We'd like to hear your favorite, most creative or best loved holiday tradition or a review of your favorite holiday movie.

To be entered to win one of our prizes this week, simply create a review for a holiday movie or share your holiday traditions in the comment section below.  Maybe you'll get some ideas to add to your family favorites this year!




The All-American Cookie Book by Nancy Baggett

Create-a-treat Gingerbread House

Love Actually (Blu-ray)

Snow by Cynthia Rylant

The Nightmare Before Christmas Collector's Edition (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo)

The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition with Blue Eyed North Pole Pixie-Elf


The contest starts Dec 7, 2011 and ends Dec 13, 2011 at 6:00 p.m.  Must be a US resident. No purchase necessary.

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  • sandramckenna By sandramckenna

    Our family holiday tradition is putting the Christmas Tree ( a real one) up on Christmas Eve. We bring it in the house in the afternoon on Dec 24 and put it in the stand to let the branches settle. No decorations, yet. As the evening progresses we listen to carols, eat our favorite dishes, 7 fishes, pates, truffles and more... We hang the stockings over the fireplace and the kids leave cookies for Santa. The kids go to bed. While they're asleep Santa comes, decorates the tree, fills the stockings, puts the presents under the tree, eats the cookies and voila, the kids wake up to a magical morning! My parents did this since I was born over 50 years ago and this tradition has been passed down for generations. To this day, my memories of Christmas morning are some of my life's fondest.

  • ccramerc By ccramerc

    we have many traditions i could share, but one in particular is going out for our christmas tree. we make this an all-day event. we usually like to take a bit of a roadtrip to a tree farm that has cut your own, hayride, hot chocolate, and other things like that. we try to spend time outside enjoying nature, walking and taking photos. this is by far one of the best times of the holiday season for us! we like to do this the weekend after thanksgiving and have the house and tree decorated by the end of the wkd.

  • gwanita By gwanita

    during the holidays my family always go to the Santa Claus parade, go to the mall to get a photo with Santa, bake Christmas cookies, decorate the tree and house together while listening to soulful Christmas music, spend lots of time being together and doing fun stuff like watching movies, playing games,tobagganing or even more baking :) its all abouit being together and enoying the time together

  • lucas567 By lucas567

    My favorite tradition was istead of a tree we would put out a manger out and go to midnight mass when got home we would baby jesus in it but we dont do that anymore since my mom has had 5 strokes and is bed ridin. We also used to go to Chicago and walk by maceys and look at all the decorations it was really nice. I wish I would not toke those day for granted and could have them back.

  • traceh415 By traceh415

    My husband and I order coffee from a place we visitied in Hawaii on our honeymoon. We brew some up and watch the kids open their presents


    We have a few holiday traditions that we have been doing since the kids were very one. One is that we decorate a tree out in our woods for the birds and wildlife. We decorate with apples, pine cones filled with peanut butter and bird seed, bread cut outs, Cheerios on string, etc. I have always stressed to my kids how important it is to respect nature and wildlife and this has been a fun way for us to show we care! Another tradition, which we read about, is hiding a pickle in the tree on Christmas Eve. It is a small pickle ornament ( not a real one like in the 19th century!). We let the kids look for it and whoever finds it can open a gift on Christmas Eve.

  • Maryfairy32 By Maryfairy32

    Since I was very young we always make a point to pile everyone in the car and go out to look at all the Christmas lights we can find. We listen to Christmas music on the radio and sing along. And we bring along homemade cookies to snack on. This tradition has never been broken!

  • valleygirl2010 By valleygirl2010

    My family like's to play Surprise Santa to kids in our neighborhood who don't have it so good. We make a ton of cookies and suprise the children who these yummy treats!

  • christine7099 By christine7099

    We always enjoy a good cup of eggnog during the holiday season.

  • camillawilson By camillawilson

    Our Christmas starts the day after. My children live out of state @ come on the 26. So we celebrate the whole time they are here. We make cookies ,cakes with my granchildren. Open presents have a big family meal.

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