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Review to Win 1 of 5 Perfect Holiday Gifts

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 12.01.11
Review to Win 1 of 5 Perfect Holiday Gifts
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When it comes to the art of gift giving there's so much to consider. How do you come up with an idea?  It's always tricky deciding whether they will like what you have in mind or if they already have it. You may prefer to get a list from people so you can choose something you know they want or perhaps you just pick up on subtle (or not so subtle) hints and make your own. How do you find most of the presents that you give to friends and family? Do you shop at local stores and boutiques, order online, shop at retail stores, order though catalogues or create fabulous homemade gifts?

We'd like to help a little with this season's gift buying and gather the collective experience from SheSpeaks members, gifts you've received that just keep on giving or gifts you've given that have been a huge hit. We'd like to hear them all!

To be entered to win one of our prizes this week, simply create a review for a gift you or your children have received and loved, and please include a recommended age if it is for a child.



Philips Wake-up Light

Broadway Basketeers Chocolate Heaven Gourmet Chocolate Gift Tower

Oral-B Professional Care 1000 Electric Rechargeable Power Toothbrush

Oster 4208 Inspire Electric Wine Opener with Wine Chiller

Cooking in Everyday ENGLISH


The contest starts Dec 1, 2011 and ends Dec 6, 2011 at 6:00 p.m.  Must be a US resident. No purchase necessary.

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  • sharonbelle By sharonbelle

    i like the Phillips wake up light. Makes getting up a little easier.

  • dymytika By dymytika

    I added a review for my Nook I got for Christmas last year (2010) and man was that fun. I love my Nook. I take it with me everywhere. Anywhere where I might have to kill some time before an appointment or meeting. It's the best gift I have ever gotten.

  • cntleger By cntleger

    One year I gave fleece blankets to each of my nieces and nephews (ages 2-12). I used fabric paint to add their names. To this day, they still use them and they have gone to college with each of them. I've even had to make them for each new child. It was affordable, personal and practical.

  • tufftiff By tufftiff

    I added and reviewed BIO OIl>>>>>>>>>> awesome stuff..... check it out!

  • mckinneymommas By mckinneymommas

    I reviewed the Bright Starts - Tug Tunes - PIG! Recommended age: 0-6 months

  • blessedcouponer By blessedcouponer

    I love giving and receiving gifts that I can really use and/or need. Therefore, I try to think "outside the box" and think of something that would be purposeful to that person instead of just running out and grabbing something from the shelf. For instance, one of the most favorite gifts that I gave to my father (which is on up in years and has everything he needs) was purchasing haircuts at his local barber for a year. I purchased 12 haircuts. He loved that! He gets his hair cut every month and this was a perfect gift!

  • Msmizmo By Msmizmo

    I reviewed the Apple iPad, and for me, that was one of my most favorite gifts of all. I abolutely love it and use it all day, everyday! I am one of those people that really loves getting jewelry, so after receiving a "techie" gift, I am more open to other gifts besides the always dependable jewelry.

  • celticnightflower By celticnightflower

    An awesome gift I received was from my brother. He gave me a bottle of Pain is Good Jalapeno Wasabi sauce, which I now buy frequently. Review is under Food & Drink.

  • MyLittlePrincessK By MyLittlePrincessK

    We have used the Oral B toothbrushes for years and years. We have minimal problems and the electric toothbrush does a much better job of cleaning our teeth. Even our daughter uses one!

  • shaunahg By shaunahg

    I have a 10 year old son and I get GameStop gift cards for him and all of his friends when he is invited to birthday parties. The boys now like to "connect" in games they are playing together--they use the gift cards to purchase the new 'hot" games out. The boys always love GameStop gift cards!

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