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Review to Win 1 of 5 Perfect Holiday Gifts

Review to Win 1 of 5 Perfect Holiday Gifts

When it comes to the art of gift giving there's so much to consider. How do you come up with an idea?  It's always tricky deciding whether they will like what you have in mind or if they already have it. You may prefer to get a list from people so you can choose something you know they want or perhaps you just pick up on subtle (or not so subtle) hints and make your own. How do you find most of the presents that you give to friends and family? Do you shop at local stores and boutiques, order online, shop at retail stores, order though catalogues or create fabulous homemade gifts?

We'd like to help a little with this season's gift buying and gather the collective experience from SheSpeaks members, gifts you've received that just keep on giving or gifts you've given that have been a huge hit. We'd like to hear them all!

To be entered to win one of our prizes this week, simply create a review for a gift you or your children have received and loved, and please include a recommended age if it is for a child.



Philips Wake-up Light

Broadway Basketeers Chocolate Heaven Gourmet Chocolate Gift Tower

Oral-B Professional Care 1000 Electric Rechargeable Power Toothbrush

Oster 4208 Inspire Electric Wine Opener with Wine Chiller

Cooking in Everyday ENGLISH


The contest starts Dec 1, 2011 and ends Dec 6, 2011 at 6:00 p.m.  Must be a US resident. No purchase necessary.

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  • pokergirl By pokergirl

    I also think gift cards are great. To give or receive. Got my husband an I pad last Christmas and he loves I tunes gift cards and my kids like them so they can get songs and movies for their I pods. I like gift cards to my favorite clothing or make up stores. For my mother, she always loves a group picture of all the grand kids, so that's what we did for her and my dad this year. I'm sure she will cry.

  • dogtrainer By dogtrainer

    I received a Braun hand blender from my dad years ago and it is still going strong. I do take good care of it, but it is a quality product. I can whip up egg whites or whipping cream without all the blender stuff needed. It does mix ingredients quickly without much mess. I would recommend the Braun hand blender to everyone based on my experience.

  • reachout By reachout

    Okay, my favorite gifts probably sound kind of corny, but I loved them both. First was an electric pencil sharpener with a few packages of pencils with pretty designs on them. Everytime I sharpen the pencils for use, I think of the giver. Second favorite gift? Soaps, soaps and more soaps. A big basket with laundry soap, dish soap, dishwasher soap, pump handsoaps and pretty bar soaps for the face, shower gels and bubblebath for the tub. I didn't have to buy any soap products for a few months. I thought it was a great gift!!

  • kitten08 By kitten08

    I just reviewed the Toms shoes as presents. They are like giving 2 presents. Love them!!

  • christinlilly By christinlilly

    I reviewed this.... It is a kitchen must have. As far as the prizes go, I have that same Oral-B toothbrush and went to the dentist today...cavity free!! WHAOO!!!

  • suze227 By suze227

    Well liked by all who I have gifted it to. Oster 4208 Inspire Electric Wine Opener with Wine Chiller makes a great gift.

  • breezy123 By breezy123

    I like to try to find a gift that will be something the person that I am gifting will actually use or needs, while staying in my budget. I like to shop the sales. Black Friday was a great time for me to find inexpensive gifts within my budget and I know the reciever of the gift will love. Also, for the hard people (teenagers) I like to gift movie theater certificates so they can pick out a movie to watch and have a night out.

  • Steelersfan By Steelersfan

    I submitted a review for Nyaker's Gingersnap Cookie. They are the best gingersnap cookie you will ever eat! They are simple give that everyone will love.

  • beckigirl By beckigirl

    My sister got an angel from one of our local Angel trees and bought all of the things on the list and put it under my name ! That was the best gift i have ever gotten, every scence that we all donate to a needy cause in the name of the person who would have recieved a gift. Talk about feeling good!

  • camillawilson By camillawilson

    I love the neat gadgets Pampered Chef has for gifts. The apple slicer is my favorite

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