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Marrying a Younger Man May Shorten Your Life

Marrying a Younger Man May Shorten Your Life

For those who believe marrying a younger man will keep them young and energetic for longer may want to think again.  A new study shows that women who marry younger men have a shorter life expectancy than those who stick with men their own age.  Strangely, it has been proven in the past that the opposite is true for men who marry younger women.

The new study coming out of the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research in Germany is reported about on CBS News.  For years, many have assumed that women who marry men that are at least 7 - 9 years younger than them would have a longer life expectancy, in part because of the supposed psychological benefits of having a younger spouse. 

It has also been assumed that since the younger man could provide care for the older woman in old age that she should, in turn, live longer than a woman whose spouse may have passed away or is also suffering from health issues.  All of this has been proven to be the reason older men with younger spouses live longer.

Marriage itself has been proven to extend life expectancy of both men and women.  But when a woman is married to a man considerably younger than she is, her mortality risk increases by 20 percent.  However, when an older man marries a younger woman, his mortality risk decreases by 11 percent.  The study found that anytime a woman married a man with a large age gap, whether they be younger or older, the woman's life expectancy went down.  The largest risk is for the older women with younger men couples.  Women live longest when they are married to a man the same age as they are.

So why are women's lives shortened from marrying a younger man?  It is being theorized that when a woman marries a differently-aged man she suffers an increased stress level for not fitting in with society's norm and may have less of a support group surrounding her because of this.

What do you think of the study showing that women who marry younger men have a shorter life expectancy?

What do you think is the reason for this?

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  • traceyk By traceyk

    My husband of 5 years, is 8 years younger than me, and my life has never been better. I admit there are some differences, like how to raise my kids (from a previous marriage) but I think that has to do with how we were raised and not our age difference. I do admit when we went to his HS reunion, I was nervous about younger women but it turned out I had nothing to worry about. I really think the "person" rather than the "age" is the important thing.

  • mommaduck By mommaduck

    I think this is a false statement, its probably a guy that came up with it. He is probably older and the women his age go for someone younger and thats why he wants women to date same age or older. :) Big age gaps may cause you/he/she to be uncomfortable I dont think there is any true backing to this.

  • oceanairy By oceanairy

    Well I am older than my husband, I hope to live equally as long!

  • labellamental By labellamental

    I am older than my future hubby by 7 years. He's absolutely wonderful. As far as a younger man shortening a woman's lifespan...buh...I tend to think being married to a jackass would be more detrimental to one's health lol.

  • gina35 By gina35

    I am 37 and my husband is 30. (Everyone thinks he is older than me) We have been married almost 10 years. I have three daughters from my exhusband who is much older than husband now has no children, but to my children he is their dad not stepdad.The age thing has never been a issue with us we never talk about it. I can't say being married to a man that is 7 years younger than myself has taken any years from my life, If anything he's added to mylife.

  • spiceychic By spiceychic

    I dont agree at all. I think maturity level plays a much more engaging role than age. If your on the same maturity level, then age shouldn't matter.

  • Gin257 By Gin257

    very odd study. LOL. Im not sure I am buying it.

  • ruby09 By ruby09

    i don't believe in that i mean if your in love that shouldn't matter love is the only thing that matters age is nothing

  • ksumm77 By ksumm77

    I don't know if I believe this or not.

  • julecoc By julecoc

    Women who marry younger men stress stress alot about more than just fitting in to social standards. My best friend married a man about 4 years younger and they divorced recently because of his maturity level, lack of commintment to the rules of marriage (aka interest in other younger women), and irresponsibility. I agree that the stress alone directly affects health- I can visibly see how much better she is now once she left him and stopped worrying. On a different note- I am glad I married an older man ;)

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