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Fertility After Fifty?

Fertility After Fifty?

Controversy within the fertility treatment communtiy is erupting after recent news hit that the world’s oldest new mother, Maria del Carmen Bousada, has passed away just 3 years after giving birth to her twin boys.  Bousada was 66 years old when she gave birth to the twins in Spain after lying about her age (saying she was 55) in order to undergo in vitro fertilization.  Her death and subsequent motherless toddlers that she left behind has struck a chord with the media leaving many to question how old is too old to have a baby and whether fertility clinics should have stricter guidelines when conducting in vitro fertilization.

CNN recently reported about a survey conducted a couple of months ago by that revealed 7 out of 10 moms wanted stricter laws for IVF treatments to be put in place.  Also, half of the respondents felt it was bad for the children if a parent conceived after 45. 

As it stands today, fertility clinics are not mandated to turn someone away just because of their age.  Each case is reviewed individually by fertility specialists, taking into account the woman’s health and background rather than age alone.  Dr. John Jain, physician at the Santa Monica Fertility Clinic, explains how times have changed for women trying to conceive later in life.  He told CNN, "The 40 and 45 year old of today is not the 40 year old of the past; the 50-year old is not the same of the past.  They’re eating healthy.  A woman who is 45 is barely halfway through her life."

Georgia Dardick, who conceived her child with the help of fertility specialists at the age of 51, has felt the guilt from her decision in the past but explains, "The word selfish has come into my mind.  But for any parent, having a child is selfish.  No matter what your age is, once you have that child, you owe that child everything.  I live the best, healthiest life I can."

Do you think there should be stricter laws placed on fertility clinics when treating older women who want to conceive?

Should there be an age limit placed on fertiltiy treatments or should each case be reviewed individually?

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  • biogirl2011 By biogirl2011

    Do you all have children? My guess is the answer is yes. The problem with people who have children is that you don't understand what it feels like to know that you can not have a child or ever have someone to share your love with. Not the love that you give to a pet or a husband, but the kind of love that is shared by a mother and child. The thing is that her age didn't really matter as long as a qualified doctor determined that she was in great health. Younger people die all the time leaving children behind not to mention the younger group has children that they abuse and neglect EVERYDAY! So does this mean that they should put restrictions on how old you have to be to get pregnant too? My thought is that if someone told you that you were not "allowed" to have children because of some reason they thought justified it, you would argue it completely!

  • biogirl2011 By biogirl2011

    Btw, I am 29 and my husband and I are currently seeking fertility treatments because I was raped at 12 and it left a lot of scarring internally. Does that mean that I do not qualify to become a mother because my body would not do it naturally? I believe that God has full control of all of things and if he did not want it to happen then it WOULDN'T! Who are you to judge Gods plan for us all, and how dare you judge that woman, you don't know her circumstances! She might have been seeing the specialist for sperm donation only! All I know is that my mother was older when she gave birth to me and she was the kindest most responsible parent. She had more time to spend with me because she waited, more patience, more understanding and more financial stability so that I would not have to "go without" because of her immaturity and irresponsibility!

  • pdicken By pdicken

    When I was 26 I chose to marry a man who was 23 years older then me. Although I had had infertility workups done when I was younger & married before I had been told i couldn't conceive a child. I was surprised to find out 9 months after I was married the 2nd time to discover I was pregnant. My husband was then 50, he is still alive & has always chosen to be an active parent in our son's life. Our son is now 35 & I think the bond that he & his dad has is perhaps better then it would have been if my husband had been younger when he was born. My husband retired parttime at age 66 & had a lot of time to spend with our son & they still enjoy each others company, going to movies or shopping together. We are blessed to have had him for these past 35 years.

  • honeydrop1964 By honeydrop1964

    I think if a woman goes thru natural menapause, that should be the cutoff, however, someone with problems such as biogirl2011 should be looked at differently. YOu should have as many years as anyone else has to become pregnant. I understand that sometimes its late in life when you meet the man or when you become stable enough to have children, but, that is a lick you have to take in my opinion. Better yet, adopt and older child who needs love and attention....


    I feel that you should not alter what God has naturally blessed you with. If she had been inpregnated the natural way(sex), then that would be different. That was so selfish and so unfair to the babies. May she rest in peace and I pray that the babies have someone that is very loving and compassionate that will take care of them.

  • junconventional By junconventional

    While it's not right that she lied to get fertilized - women have had children beyond "young". My mother was 35 (she's eighty now). There was no guarantee that she was going to live to raise me to maturity. How about the rise in grandparents raising their sons/daughters children. If you are going to place an age limit on fertility based on the likelihood of survival then you need to place age limits on raising children period. One isn't any different then the other.

  • debblicious By debblicious

    Discrimination is to think people have less dignity because of race, age, etc. To understand 50 is too old to have kids is common sense. If nature put a limit in your body is because is not ready to do that. Menopause is not a disease is a part of life. And real ageism is not to accept you are getting older. On the other hand the safety of the kidsshould never be subordinated to adults ambitions. Mothers should be everything but selfish. Another thing what did she died so young? Did she have health conditions and the doctors ignored them? Or the pregnancy created health issues? please let me know.

  • blueeyedgirl29 By blueeyedgirl29

    I know this will anger some people, but I just graduated from nursing school a little over a year ago and we learned that the best years to conceive are 25-29. After 30 the risk goes up. We are a far cry from just staying in the house and grocery store all day with out aprons on folding underwear and baking. now a days things are much different and autism is running rampid, 1 in 150 children are born with it and it could be age related, nutrition related, oh who knows it may be evolution. And what is up with all the ADD and ADHD. Before someone starts breaking things I will say that I am 29 years old and just got married a couple months ago, also going to school and still have 3 years left. I'm in the same boat, but it is something to think about. My eggs are getting all dried out as I type. As for myself I think it would be irresponsible of me to be in my 70's or older when my children graduate, that is the age I should be when my grandchildren graduate.

  • blueeyedgirl29 By blueeyedgirl29

    Oh and I think that the octomom should have had a complete psych evaluation and never should have been able to have more children. It should be a crime.

  • mekaboo93 By mekaboo93

    i remember hearing this on the radio... my opinion is if u still get a period monthly your eligible to have a child... as long as ur healthy it shoudn't matter.

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