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For His Eyes Only

For His Eyes Only

When on the hunt for a gift to give to a significant other many women are now turning to something a little more scandalous than a necktie or sweater.  The trend of giving boudoir photographs to a loved one to celebrate a special occasion is growing.  Women across the country are stepping in front of the camera to show their sexy side to mates.

A wedding website called recently reported on the growing boudoir trend, especially among new brides.  The boudoir photo has become a popular wedding day gift for the groom.  During the photo session women will either wear a sexy negligee or nothing at all.

For the modest at heart this may sound a lot more risqué than it actually is.  TheKnot describes the style of photography as “classic pinup-inspired pics” with “implied nudes”.  In other words, you’re covered in all the right places with poses often taken from the back or lying on your stomach.

If the idea of posing for these types of pictures makes you nervous TheKnot offers a couple tips to loosen you up for the shoot.  Bringing along a close girlfriend can liven up the atmosphere, plus you can rely on her for ideas or suggestions on what to wear and how to pose. Having a glass of champagne in the studio or hotel room may help to relax you before it’s time to give your sultriest pose.

It’s not difficult these days to find a photographer who specializes in this type of photography.  Wedding photographers have begun to offer the boudoir photo session as an addition to the wedding package.  They will even arrange for the photos to be bound into a mini album for the husband-to-be.

What do you think of the growing boudoir photo trend among new brides?

Is this something you might consider giving a loved one to celebrate a
special occasion?

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  • chicinthepink By chicinthepink

    I think it's great! There's something so sexy, yet private about those photos. I would definitely give them to my groom-to-be as a gift.

  • verybella By verybella

    I think this is a neat idea, my hubby has seen too many pictures of me though so it wouldn't be special to him at all. (I've even made him do a photo shoot with me that was mostly nudes and implied nudes.) I think he is sick to death of seeing pictures of me at this point. lol If it is something that you haven't done before though, it can be a great gift.

  • de2young By de2young

    I think it is awesome - I agree with the sexy photos!

  • qtpie1078 By qtpie1078

    I love this idea and wanted to do it as a wedding gift for my husband... right now it's just too expensive for me.

  • iokijo By iokijo

    It sounds like a neat idea... just a suggestion for anybody doing it... make sure you get the negatives.. if a digital is used you want the storage card. Wouldn't hurt to have in the contract that the photographer verifies they are keeping no type of copy of the photo in any form.

  • nata78sha By nata78sha

    When were stationed at Fort Carson, CO my friend and I actually did this. We were by no means new brides but our husbands were away at school and we wanted to send them a nice gift in the mail :)) We went together so we were more relaxed and the photographer , Lena was amazing. She put all the pictures on a cd for us. Also i figure if he gets "in the mood" instead of looking at porn or pornographic photos he has ME (on a cd)!! lol. why not spice things up a little, do something out of the ordinary?

  • emach12 By emach12

    I think this is an AWESOME idea.. I would not be worried about these pics 'getting into the wrong hands' at all. This is not porn in any nudity at all. These are sexy, CLASSY pictures... We wear less at the beach.... After 14 years of marriage, I would love to do something like this for my husband...a great anniversary gift. Oh, and ladies? STOP WORRYING ABOUT YOUR BODIES!!!! Geez....your beautiful and men love us....MEN LOVE WOMAN. The guys do not worry about OUR bodies as much as WE

  • oregonmushrooms By oregonmushrooms

    yikes, this is great for those who like their bodies, me? I have to have the lights OUT

  • jemappel By jemappel

    I would NEVER do this. You just never know who is going to find the photo...your kids, your mom, etc.?!!? It's not worth it. He can see me in real life, he doesn't need a photo.

  • LouiseKB4 By LouiseKB4

    I think it's FABULOUS! As a photographer, I've started implementing "vintage pinup shoots" for some of my clients - nothing trashy, just a little flirty, and the response has been tremendously positive! I think every woman should be proud to have these types of photos taken.

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