The Gift That Keeps On Giving

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The Gift That Keeps On Giving

During this time of year we sometimes get so caught up in shopping and planning parties that we forget what the holidays and gift giving are all about.  The holidays are about being together with family and friends and being grateful for our health and happiness.  Sadly, there are many people out there that are not as fortunate as others and will spend the holidays battling serious illnesses.

One organization that offers a great alternative to shopping at your local department store is Stand Up to Cancer (SU2C).  The SU2C website reminds us that cancer takes one life every single minute and that 1500 people in America die every day from this disease. 

With donations and 100 percent of the proceeds from their online store going directly to their charity, SU2C puts together some of the most established and intelligent professionals in cancer research to make their most promising projects possible.  SU2C funds important projects that are on the brink of completion.  They help scientists go that extra mile.  This type of funding is especially important today since our economy is in such rough shape and cancer research is suffering from budget cutbacks.

SU2C offers a wide variety of stylish items for purchase on their website.  So stylish in fact that a lot of celebrities are donning SU2C merchandise all over town:

Christina Applegate was seen on the set of her show Samantha Who? with one of the SU2C Kitson LA Rope bags:







While Jennifer Anniston wore an SU2C Star Necklace on the beach:







What do you think of the idea of giving a gift this holiday season from a charity like Stand Up To Cancer?

What gift are you most excited about giving this year?

To check out all of the SU2C items available for purchase you can go to .
** And by simply commenting on this topic you can get in on the SU2C gift giving action right away.  We will be selecting a name at random from the comment section of this blog and the winner who is chosen will receive an SU2C box of holiday ornaments just like the one below. **



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  • leximamma By leximamma

    great idea!!!

  • blumedenley By blumedenley

    I really like this Idea. You never know what to buy someone. So, to help someone out you give your money to a charity that could help someone.

  • am_i_lost By am_i_lost

    What a wonderful idea!!! And the gifts are actally attractive items. Who wouldn't want to give or receive these gifts?!?!?

  • flcountrygirl By flcountrygirl

    This is fabulous.

  • i2osie By i2osie

    amazing, what a great idea

  • MsCathe By MsCathe

    I think this a wonderful thing that you are doing, I lost my dearest friend to cancer last year and I am so glad to find an site that I will be able to get things from as I need gifts. My Christmas gifts are all hand made by myself, since I am on a fixed budget. Keep up the good work and I will remember this coming year to check out your site for gifts.

  • haveitoldyoulately By haveitoldyoulately

    Another great idea....another site I make gift purchases on is, St Jude Childrens Research Hospital These sites offer beautiful gifts, at affordable prices...and its like giving a gift TWICE

  • lsteigerwalt By lsteigerwalt

    This is a really great cause.

  • cavc821 By cavc821

    I absolutely love the idea. I wish i knew about this earlier. I would buyt everyone on my list something. I have a lot of relatives who have battled or are battling with cancer.

  • jenn1fer By jenn1fer

    I think it is great and all the more appealing to me as 100% of the profits go to the charity.

  • vintageloveletter By vintageloveletter

    Wow, what a great cause.

  • micbroz1 By micbroz1

    I find it amazing that so many people are ready to give to the need of cancer research. I'm in school now studying to become a research scientist, with an emphasis in cancer research. There's so many things out there that could possibly be the cure we're waiting for, but many times the research is slowed due to lack of funding. This is great that there are sites like this to help ease that cost!

  • ctfagan By ctfagan

    I love the idea of giving for a cause. We consumers have too much "stuff" already and when shopping ask ourselves what to get that someone who has everything. Cancer research is a necessary cause and would be the perfect gift for those that love to give. A wonderful selfless idea!

  • auntiethesis By auntiethesis

    What a great cause, I like to see when stars support various causes and use their products.

  • joan2007 By joan2007

    I really like the concept of giving a lovely gift to someone that continues the caring ripple to a worthy cause. I think that the recipient of of the gift would also feel special because they too "contributed" by receiving the gift.

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