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John Steinbeck Cannery Row

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Books We Can't Put Down - Top 10 & Giveaway

on Jan 25, 2012: I have to say I love books. I have just read Cannary Row and God Grew Tired of US. I really loved Cannary Row. When I started reading God Grew Tired of Us it hit a cord. The things the author went threw are horrible.

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Tell Us Your Favorite Halloween Costume & Win

on Oct 19, 2011: Mine would have to be when I was a jelly bean jar. You take a clear plastic bag and put it on, then put different color balloons in it, that is what the jelly beans are, the balloons.

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The Gift That Keeps On Giving

on Dec 11, 2008: I really like this Idea. You never know what to buy someone. So, to help someone out you give your money to a charity that could help someone.