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  • sykick By  sykick    

    Fun, but not explained

    Zumba is absolutely fun! My husband and sons enjoyed joining in the classes, too. The only thing I didn't like, and two instructors both said this, is that they can't explain how to do the moves. If you can't keep up, you're supposed to just move around and hope you get it, but some of the moves are too complicated to understand without being shown step-by-step. ...And most of my class was seniors!

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  • KARENMP31 By  KARENMP31    

    This is one of my favorite cardio classes to take. Its fun and fast moving so the hour flys by and give you a great workout. I esp like to do it after weights so I am burning fat (not carbs) and feel I have gotten a full body toning workout as well as cardio.

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  • prj1996 By  prj1996    

    Zumba is a fun way to lose weight and is very hard to dance too. Kind of reminds me of how bad I am at dancing,

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  • dpoore3 By  dpoore3    

    Wonderful and fun!!

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    this is so much fun, you can start out slowly and work you way to the 30 min workout i weighed 300 when i started zumba and i am now down to 180. its awesome workout

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  • krisathome By  krisathome    

    I LOVE this!! I was 210lbs and now I am 160. This helped decrease my mid section and after you get familiar with the moves it is really fun.

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  • marsiana1 By  marsiana1    

    I really like it but sometimes I removed the desire to continue doing zumba but is very good for weight loss

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  • sunshyne723 By  sunshyne723    

    Zumba is a really fun way to get a workout in. I love music so its easy for me to stay motivated throughout a class.

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  • loriejackson24 By  loriejackson24    

    I love zumba you get a great workout and it is a lot of fun at the same time :-)

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  • Janicelynn By  Janicelynn    

    I love zumba because I get a great workout and have fun at the same time. The upbeat music makes the time go fast and each song uses repeating moves so its not hard to pick up.

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  • GabrielleRenay By  GabrielleRenay    

    Great way to workout! It is so fun doing all the moves and adding in my own steps when I mess up on a move lol

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    Zumba is fun for all, its what you make it. It also reminded me of the lack of dance skills I have,lol

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  • bdlynn By  bdlynn    

    I didn't care for this. I guess you have to get in a class to have any benefits. I have the cds and it takes you through to learn each movement, which is great, but never really puts it all together.I love doing cardio but with Zumba my heart didn't elevate much at all. Maybe I'm not doing it right or again i need to get in a class.

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  • peanut18 By  peanut18    

    Great fun way to workout and you get a good workout too!!

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  • itzy2006 By  itzy2006    

    This looks like such a fun and unique way to work out

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