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Zumba Fitness

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OMG! I just got this in the mail today! Just doing the basic workout had me sweating! This is so much fun! I'd rather do this than yoga or running any day! I did about an hour and 30 minutes of this and the only reason I stopped was because I have homework to finish lol. I'm trying to lose weight and get toned so I'll post a few months into using Zumba. So far it is great! Oh yeah a friend and I invested together so we each paid half, so we can share the videos, and meet 1 day a week to workout together.

I enjoyed my Zumba fitness class so much that I recently took the instruction course. The classes are a great support group to keep you motivated and the music and dances are so fun and really push you. Love it

Zumba is a great workout that keeps it fun! It totally helps tone your body.

Zumba is AMAZING!! I am 5'5" and weighed 140 after the birth of my first child. After eating healthy and doing Zumba several times a week, I a now weighing in at 125.5 lbs! I give most of the credit to Zumba. It helps when you find areally great instructor. I also think the live classes are more helpful than using the DVD's.

Wonderful and fun!!

Great fun way to workout and you get a good workout too!!

this is so much fun, you can start out slowly and work you way to the 30 min workout i weighed 300 when i started zumba and i am now down to 180. its awesome workout

Zumba is fun for all, its what you make it. It also reminded me of the lack of dance skills I have,lol

Great way to workout! It is so fun doing all the moves and adding in my own steps when I mess up on a move lol

I love zumba because I get a great workout and have fun at the same time. The upbeat music makes the time go fast and each song uses repeating moves so its not hard to pick up.

I love zumba you get a great workout and it is a lot of fun at the same time :-)

Zumba is a really fun way to get a workout in. I love music so its easy for me to stay motivated throughout a class.

I really like it but sometimes I removed the desire to continue doing zumba but is very good for weight loss

What a great, fun, sweaty workout! I love doing Zumba, such energetic instructors makes you literally want to get off the couch when the infomercial comes on! I purchased this for our Kinect and I have to say I hated it! I love how with the dvds you don't have to be exactly perfect with the moves you can just kinda freestyle and with the kinect version it has to be perfect! Dvds/classes=awesome, kinect game=not awesome

I love doing zumba! It's such a good workout & it doesnt make you feel like you are really having to "work" for it. It's so much fun!!!