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  • Kittykatt1976 By  Kittykatt1976    

    Guilty pleasure tv

    I've enjoyed this show tremendously can't stop watching it thumbs way up from me plenty of variety real topics and stories handled intelligently with compassion and understanding funny to boot the real deal

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  • AlainaRenee By  AlainaRenee    

    Im not really a fan of the Tyra show meaning i never really watch it, but however I do love her i use to watch Americas Next Top Model all the time she is very Inspiring.

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  • hannahpalmer18 By  hannahpalmer18    

    I used to watch tyra everyday. It was a great show. She always trys to make all women feel beautiful for who they are. I love her optimistic outlook especially when there were comments made about her getting heavier. She just embraced it.

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  • RReyes21 By  RReyes21    

    I love Tara's show simply because of the message she gives to women specifically. Which is to love yourself no matter what and not allow anyone to put you down. She has a variety of topics that she talks about and its not who the baby daddy is but real issues like bullying.

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  • lucky14 By  lucky14    

    The tyra show is the best, it shows women to learn how to be themselves and love who they are. She also gives tips to girls who are yonger and are going to adult hood. And at times the show is really funny!

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  • vintagepurple By  vintagepurple    

    i used to live tyra, and always watched her show, but at some point it seemed like no mater the guest problems was she was like " oh i went threw the same thing" weather it was being to fat to thin being picked on being a bully or any of the wacky tips, she has done something wackyer. i mean she seems well intentioned and stuff, but it just seem to have the affect to pulling focus away from the guest

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  • summerbreeze72 By  summerbreeze72    

    Do not like this show at all. Some of the topics that they talk about are not the most intellagent.

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  • lisalovesyeww By  lisalovesyeww    

    i found this website from tyra! its great!

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  • shoppingurl1697 By  shoppingurl1697    

    tyra is crazy funny and gives great tips.

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  • bdesarro By  bdesarro    

    Tyra is crazy, but i love her show. sometimes i dont like what is on the episdoes, but when i do, she puts on a good show!

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  • katiedonovan By  katiedonovan    

    This show helped me so much with being comfortable with my weight and the way I look.

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  • aridayzap By  aridayzap    

    Because of the Tyra Show i found this website! I think her show is great it talks alot about many different issues and i lovee the fashion and the beauty tips she gives. Can't get enough of it...

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  • shopperMD By  shopperMD    

    I have to say I really like this show. I record this and the reruns. I love how informative it all is and how she wants to ask questions that havent really been addressed before. I like it a lot. My fiance isnt a fan but I watch it all the time.

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  • momagarry By  momagarry    

    Tyra show is pretty good:)

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  • Ana_Perez By  Ana_Perez    

    I really like her show. She led me here

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