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I Can not stand the show. Tyra is too full of herself.

I can't stand Tyra or her show. She is an extremely egotistical person and you can tell especially from her other show, America's Next Top Model. She makes it all about her.

Do not like this show at all. Some of the topics that they talk about are not the most intellagent.

I am not a fan of the show. I find her very self oriented and demeaning when she talks to guests. Everything always reverts back to her. It is nothing new. It is almost a cliché. I find it uncomfortable to watch because it seems forced and unnatural when she interviews guests.

Yes, I enjoy her show, but there have been quite a few episodes where she verbally attacks her guests which makes me question Tyra's true character.

Oh I'm sorry Tyra I meant to give you 4 stars. XOXO

Her show led me here, but I don't like a lot of episodes..its just not what I believe in. But a lot of shows have good messages for young people. Very positive.

i used to live tyra, and always watched her show, but at some point it seemed like no mater the guest problems was she was like " oh i went threw the same thing" weather it was being to fat to thin being picked on being a bully or any of the wacky tips, she has done something wackyer. i mean she seems well intentioned and stuff, but it just seem to have the affect to pulling focus away from the guest

tyra needs 2 just stick with doing ANTM

I don't real lik the tyra show. . . find her annoying . . . sometimes her topics are all about slim people and as a normal size person I find it ridiculous . . . she is a super model with lots of money not a normal person

The Tyra show is informative with women and teenage issues - i especially appreciated her show called ' Whats Up Down There.' i have a pre-teen niece and sometimes i'll watch when the subject pertains to her. Other than that, her show subjects don't seem to benefit anyone and at times seems more like a gossip column where frustrated individuals can vent their judgments toward others. But overall, a decent show.

I don't like how she says my show or I do this and I do that, it can get a little annoying. But overall I find most of her topics interesting and informative especially when the topic is new and fresh.

Im not really a fan of the Tyra show meaning i never really watch it, but however I do love her i use to watch Americas Next Top Model all the time she is very Inspiring.

I LOVE this show! She does shows on different topics that are actually useful. I liked the one where she gave makeup tips!

I love Tyra! I whach her show whenever I can.