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Time Saving Holiday Party Beauty + A Giveaway On #SheSpeaksTV

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 11.07.15
Time Saving Holiday Party Beauty + A Giveaway On #SheSpeaksTV
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The holiday season is busy for moms, and if your anything like us, you don't have a lot of time to get ready for the festivities.  When It's difficult to get the alone time you need to do your hair and makeup, you'll be glad to have these tips handy. Tabitha Blue of freshmommyblog reveals her quick holiday beauty tips on SheSpeaksTV.

Win a set of holiday party beauty products like the ones in this video!

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Watch the video below

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Click here to Tweet: "Watch & comment on #SheSpeaksTV-What's your favorite holiday party beauty tip & enter to win a beauty set!"


Comment on the video on YouTube here to tell us - What’s your favorite holiday beauty tip? 

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  • Autumnkat By Autumnkat

    My favorite holiday beauty tip is definitely a red lipstick. It looks so festive, even when you're just planning a quiet evening with friends. Red brightens the face and makes just about everyone's teeth look so white!! Add some mascara, and I'm good to go!!


    My favorite holiday tip is to be confident in your skin! What ever makeup and skincare routine you have just be grateful for a healthy and happy holiday smile everyda and think postitive! we are all unique ladies in our skin embrace it! @Lovesportsmom on twitter :)

  • Aloratrillian29 By Aloratrillian29

    I love the winged eyeliner look. And if you use a q tip with makeup remover, it's flawless every time.

  • Mckenna_1444 By Mckenna_1444

    My favorite is shimmery eyeshadow! It really makes any color look just a bit more fancy.

  • hkelley2667 By hkelley2667

    My favorite holiday beauty tip is using a headband to make your hair look fab. It only take a minute and you look great!

  • Luvee6 By Luvee6

    Yes!!red lipstick is #1around my house for the holidays..

  • Danigirl80 By Danigirl80

    I enjoyed the helpful mommy tips. I have 4 kids and I'm always the last to get ready and my time is limited. Any help for a on the go mommy is always useful. Thank you for sharing

  • laroyal06 By laroyal06

    My tip is to wear a bold red lip b/c it glams up any look.

  • Lia810 By Lia810

    My Tip for the Holidays is...... To look your Best, it will make you feel good in the inside and it will reflect on the outside and it will boost your confidence and you will have a fun Holiday. Sometimes going to our Family Inlaws Houses can be nerve wrecking. Pick out a Outfit that you will feel comfortable in, Do your Hair, put some Makeup on, Add a necklace or etc, even take a dish to pass. The most important tip, be yourself! If you can't be your self, maybe than your lying to your self & others.

  • Fal05169 By Fal05169

    I say my favorite would be Nice shimmer eye shadow along with a nice red lipstick , love that look just makes you fell fabulous

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