The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Movie

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Movie

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Great actors involved in this movie, great concept. However I felt this movie was so bad I couldn't hardly bare to watch it!

Must Watch! I love The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo!! The beginning is a bit graphic, but it definitely gets the point across and she gets her revenge!

Never read the book, but enjoyed the movie! Very interesting characters and an unpredictable plot. Full of action, drama, and humor.

I thought this movie was very good. I have read all of the books in this series and even knowing what to expect some of the scenes were hard to watch. I believe seeing once was good enough for me I am not sure I would purchase the DVD or make it an effort to watch the film.

I never read the book, so I didn't know what I was getting into with this movie. I enjoy a good mystery and this plot was unpredictable. Which I loved! It's hard to find a good film that keeps you on your toes and doesn't follow the same old generic plot scheme.

I really enjoyed watching this movie I'll watch it over and over again so I bought it in added to my movie collection

This movie was so good yet so sad, it had a little bit of everything, action, comedy, drama. Go give a watch you will not be disappointed. Very good movie.

never got to see it

The book and original Swedish film were much better. There is some disturbing content, which would have offended of had i not been prepared for it. Now don't get me wrong, i enjoy a good action movie and an ok with violence....this film goes beyond that. The story line is good. So is the acting. If you haven't read the or seen the original movie, i think it would be a fairly entertaining way to spend a couple of hours.

The books are much better than the movie, I would suggest reading them instead of watching this

Meh. Not as good as the original film and certainly not as good as the book.

Original is fantastic but the new one is too boring. I normally do not watch movies from other languages but this kept my interest and I could relate with the main character. I would recommend not letting your children watch this however due to the rape and violent scenes.

Yes, I am definitely on the bandwagon with this film/book series. The characters are great. I think I might be in agreement with most people that the movie is better than the book, but the book is still really good.

I have read all three books - i absolutely LOVED this movie and can not wait for the next one

I have not read the books but for myself having a short attention span this movie really kept me locked on.